Domson’s Engineering – the key player in providing healthy, safe and energy-efficient indoor environment

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The maintenance of engineering systems determines the development of infrastructure, which is the first prerequisite for the welfare of the society. Engineering is the force of fundamental interaction with the environment that determines the future of infrastructure, and consequently the development of civilization.

Engineering is one of the oldest disciplines in the history of the world. The first engineers designed the inclined flatness, the pyramids, the famous aqueduct (water supply). Engineering today is an integral part of our daily lives. Without it, there would be no construction sector – as a result, we would live in a contrastingly different environment, where there would be no buildings, constructions, paved roads, bridges, airports, commercial, household or healthcare facilities, hotels or other multifunctional buildings. 

The more the infrastructure develops and the more complicated the public formation is, the more complicated the architecture of the buildings is both in terms of content and construction. The experience and service diversity of Domson’s Engineering is adapted to any type of building, due to the variety of the segment: commercial, residential, healthcare, multifunctional buildings, industrial, educational, cold storage, wellness and food facilities.

Properly designed and installed MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) engineering systems determine the life cycle of a building and constructions as well as the quality of human life, which reflects the economic, psychological and social condition of the community. MEP engineering eliminates the possibility of making mistakes, because a “mistake” in this field automatically means a momentary problem that could cause the greatest harm to the health of many people. The main condition for the success of the engineering field is professionalism. However, solving complex engineering tasks requires not only the competence and knowledge of highly qualified specialists, but also, in many cases, the ways of solutions with innovative methodologies. Thus, the professionalism of an engineering company is determined by the combination of high competence, experience and creativity of the team.

For Domson’s Engineering, MEP engineering is a separate form of art in which engineers work with a variety of invisible, yet vital, elements of a project. For example, imagine any type of building, even our residential house, which is not provided with MEP engineering systems: water supply and sewerage, automatic firefighting, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, electricity, weak currents. The result of our imagination will prove that MEP engineering is the driving force of the dynamic development of civilization and the unity of the laws governing the processes related to this development. 

City Mall Saburtalo will serve as an example, the multifunctional complex in the city center, which combines entertainment areas, restaurants, a business center, a sports complex, a cinema and shops of international brands. For large-scale projects of this type, especially during the pandemic period, indoor air quality is of significant importance. Only a well-functioning heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system ensures the proper treatment of indoor air and the creation of a safe, comfortable microclimate. It is necessary to provide the indoor space with maximum fresh air not through recirculation, but through air exchange, i.e. efficient ventilation. Managing HVAC systems requires combined approaches as well as appropriate knowledge and experience. City Mall Saburtalo is equipped by Domson’s Engineering with innovative ventilation systems whose operation technology is fully compatible with the viral environment. The designing and installation works of ventilation systems are carried out in full compliance with international standards, which ensures the inflow of fresh air, the smooth operation of the air filtration system and the maintenance of an ideal microclimate in the building. No less important is the design and installation of modern fire-fighting systems. This is ensured by innovative approaches in compliance with NFPA international standards, which fully include life safety and building protection, smoke control and evacuation plan modeling, effective operation of relevant security systems and full technical support. European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) supports the project through the Credit Line of Energy Efficiency. The multifunctional building is equipped with certified Eurovent A + class energy efficient appliances of Daikin premium quality; HVAC project includes the installation of 13 air to water chillers with screw compressor technology – EWAD-T units for the most part – and EWAT-B scroll compressor units using R32 refrigerant. The whole installation provides more than 5 MW of cooling capacity to the whole building.

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In addition to a well-maintained ventilation system, indoor air quality is provided by an innovative and unprecedented product, the air purifier manufactured by the Japanese brand Daikin. Due to the flexible concept of the product, it can be used in any type of buildings, offices, residential homes or educational institutions. Daikin Streamer Technology Is a revolutionary Japanese concept of air purification that reduces not only the risk of # COVID19 but also many other diseases and ensures the maintenance of clean, healthy air in our indoor spaces and also helps maintain optimal air humidity.

The secret to the success of Domson’s Engineering lies in the company’s unique values and mission – to create and offer customers a safe, comfortable and sustainable indoor space. The highly qualified, experienced and motivated team of the company successfully provides projects of regional importance, which in turn contributes to the trust of customers, as well as the effective development of the country’s infrastructure.

Since its establishment, the priority of Domson’s Engineering has been quality. Each project implemented by the company is in full compliance with international standards and is distinguished by modern, innovative engineering solutions. The strategic partner of Domson’s Engineering is the Japanese brand DAIKIN, which is the number one brand in the world in the field of heating, air conditioning and ventilation. Domson’s Engineering is the authorized representative of the brand in Georgia and has repeatedly won the DAIKIN Gold Distributor Award throughout Eastern Europe and Central Asia: “THE GOLDEN DISTRIBUTOR IN EASTERN EUROPE AND CENTRAL ASIA 2018-2019“. It is noteworthy that the projects carried out by Domson’s Engineering are equipped with DAIKIN premium quality innovative HVAC systems, which provide a comfortable and environmentally sound living space.

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With the dynamic development of the country’s engineering, Domson’s Engineering contributes to the economic growth, protect the environment and improve the quality of people’s lives.

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