Domson’s Engineering’s Response to the COVID 19 Pandemic Challenge – Company Management Technology in a Global Crisis

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One of the most important components of the growth of Georgian economy is the construction sector, its strength and sustainability is the essential prerequisite for the economic development in the country. Domson’s Engineering is an unchangeable regulator of this process. The leading engineering company has implemented projects of regional significance and has introduced innovative engineering approaches in Georgia since 2016.

COVID-19 has become a crucial challenge for the global economy. The unstable and unpredictable period caused by the pandemic, the expiration date of which is virtually impossible to predict, has become a kind of test for the whole world.  The ever-changing environment has completely changed both the lifestyles and daily rhythms of individuals, as well as having a major impact on virtually every field, including the business sector.

Naturally, everyone perceives any kind of crisis as a threat and suggests its negative impact on the functioning of the business. A well-designed risk management strategy increases business readiness for future crises. Developing a business continuity policy, assessing process risks, and diversifying service in terms of designing and installation works of MEP systems are Domson’s Engineering top priorities, which in turn ensures the Company’s strategic readiness.

Among the strategic development mechanisms introduced in the company, Agile is one of the most flexible and complex methods, which aims to achieve the best results in the shortest time and maximum productivity in each process. The so-called continuous path of development ensures the company’s resilience to unforeseen, complex and radical changes.

Domson’s Engineering has been actively using the Agile system for several years, the introduction of which into the company was a kind of experiment, somewhat risky, since at that time we had virtually no examples of practical use of the Agile system throughout Georgia. Therefore, we did not know until the end what result we would get or how successfully and efficiently it would work.

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The main principle of Agile is constant interaction between employees, sharing experiences and opinions with each other, which makes the support and involvement of each employee in the process vital. The internal culture of Domson’s Engineering team is very close to the principles of Agile, which largely led to the successful introduction of Agile in the company and ultimately helped us overcome the crisis caused by COVID-19.

Upon the occurrence of a pandemic we made a correct assessment of the risks associated with the management processes; we have ensured full mobilization of work processes at all current facilities; by setting priorities correctly, we have focused our attention on current issues; we have had constant, confident communication with the company’s team, as well as with partners and customers. 

The health and safety of our employees is a priority for us. In order to minimize the risk of infecting employees, we ensured consistent and systematic preventive measures upon the occurrence of a pandemic and developed an individual work schedule. This has significantly reduced the number of intersections between team members, both on the company’s premises and in the office. This preventive mechanism, as well as the strict implementation of the recommendations of the World Health Organization by the company, excluded the joint infection of all employees.

Taking into consideration the rapid spread of the Covid 19 pandemic, the potential role of the employer in the vaccination process of the employees is crucial. In order to facilitate the activation of the vaccination process, Domson’s Engineering has strongly supported vaccination-related proceedings. Vaccination is the only reliable way to protect the health of oneself and those around you, therefore vaccinating employees during a pandemic is very important. The main goal of the company was to establish proper communication on the issue, as well as to promote and motivate employees. We have scheduled a number of meetings where we have invited highly qualified and experienced epidemiologists who have explained the company staff what the Covid19 pandemic is, how the virus spreads, what symptoms characterize the coronavirus, and why vaccination is a safe and necessary preventative measure. We assisted each employee in selecting the desired medical facility, ensuring pre-registration of vaccinations and staff transportation. Vaccinated employees were given Day Off for the number of days required for both vaccination and subsequent rehabilitation.

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Currently 85% of the Domson’s Engineering team is fully vaccinated, 12% have been vaccinated with 1 dose, and 3% have contracted the virus and plan to be vaccinated in the near future.

As practice shows, in order for a company to maintain resilience in the event of a crisis, it must be flexible and accordingly sustainable to change. Imbalances caused by sudden changes are often the first prerequisite for business regression. In fact, by implementing the right strategic development system, we have strengthened the key tools for dealing globally with the global crisis. As a result, we have ensured the stable and dynamic growth of the company, we have not stopped any project and most importantly, we have retained all the employees.

The experience of dealing with the global crisis caused by the pandemic has further strengthened Domson’s Engineering and provided it with limitless opportunities for future development, which is a prerequisite for market competitiveness and financial gain in the long run. The company successfully overcame all obstacles, continued to grow dynamically and thus made a major contribution to the development of the country’s construction sector.

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