Dragonair enhances passenger experience with a new combination of seasonal menus

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The FINANCIAL — Dragonair is delighted to present its well-received seasonal inflight menu, featuring crab roe dishes and hot pot rice with fusion ingredients. This serves to further enhance the overall inflight dining experience for passengers.

This autumn and winter, Dragonair will introduce a selection of exclusive hot pot dishes to First and Business Class passengers. The new hot pot menu will be served in Business Class on rotation between 1 November and 29 February 2016, and in First Class between 16 December and 31 March 2016 on selected flights between Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai, according to Dragonair.

Based on Hong Kong’s classic hot pot dishes, the airline elevates its inflight dining experience using a creative combination of Western ingredients such as black garlic, foie gras and truffle. Highlights of the hot pot rice menu include Steamed rice with Berkshire pork and goose liver roulade with Chinese preserved sausages in hot pot casserole for First Class, and Steamed rice with truffle paste, pork belly, conpoy and black garlic in hot pot casserole for Business Class. The juxtaposition of French foie gras and Chinese preserved sausages, truffle paste mixed with black garlic on conpoy and pork belly are typical examples of the east meets west fusion style.

In addition to surprising passengers with hot pot dishes in a fusion style, Dragonair has also taken passengers’ preference and the latest health trend into account when curating the new menu. One of the ingredients used in the new menu is black garlic –a highly-regarded super food. Black garlic has twice the antioxidant levels of fresh garlic, and is noted for its anti-ageing benefits. Black garlic becomes sweeter in taste after a fermentation process, making it the perfect accompaniment to a traditional hot pot dish.

“At Dragonair, we strive to enhance the overall travel experience for our passengers. Our catering team aims to create memorable journeys for our passengers by offering high-quality inflight dining options,” said Dragonair General Manager – Inflight Services Brian Yuen. “Taking into account the fact that many passengers are looking for a healthier diet, we are always on the look-out for the latest healthy dining trend when we create sumptuous dishes. We hope that passengers will be impressed by our latest offerings.”

Apart from the hot pot delicacies, Dragonair will also introduce new combination to its popular crab roe menu. The new crab roe menu will be served exclusively in First Class on flights from Hong Kong to Beijing and Shanghai until 15 December. Exciting dishes on the menu include steamed dumpling with crab roe and lobster –  introduced inflight for the very first time – the perfect combination to the thick soup with crab roe, tofu and seafood. The freshness of crab roe, lobster and seafood complements and enhances each other’s flavour.


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