DTI encourages Saving Jobs Through Product Localization

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In a keynote speech at the Bayanihan: Rebuild Industries and Save Jobs, Ramon Lopez states that the country must be less reliant on imports, specifically products that are in great demand during the pandemic like the personal protective equipment (PPE) since other countries are also going to prioritize the needs of their markets.

He also states that the Board of Investments (BOI) and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) are planning to increase the local capacity of many of these products to address the domestic demand.

The DTI Secretary stated that getting hold of these products was difficult during the height of the pandemic because again, other countries were prioritizing their own needs.

The Philippine only had one manufacturer that can only supply 2 million face masks a month before the outbreak and so the Philippines was left short when everything went into full lockdown.

The solution of both government agencies is to insist on local production for these goods by repurposing other manufacturers’ facilities. As a result, Lopez claims the country can now produce around 56 million masks per month (a little over half the country’s total population).

Philippines must support local industries

Lopez adds that the country has to be self-reliant so increasing production capacity is a must.

He also adds that while the domestic capacity is increasing, the local populace must also be encouraged to buy from the local manufacturers, and he also stressed that buying local will save local businesses.

“Rather than import where we save the jobs abroad, if we buy local, we save the jobs here and we generate jobs locally for Filipinos. That’s the reason we wanted to build production capacity, relying less on imports. We build the capacity so that capacity will supply and meet the demand for a growing economy.”

The Philippine economy is slowly opening up and thus new opportunities are going to be available soon for those who lost their jobs and those whose businesses closed. With that said, funding these new opportunities are going to be needed. Until a vaccine is found and given to all, it is unlikely for things to go back to the way they used to be so under this new normal, a minimum health protocol is being implemented.

A similar tone is being proposed by the Department of Tourism (DOT) where the Tourism Secretary Bernadette Romula-Puyat states: “The reopening of Boracay to new market sources signals a gathering momentum for domestic tourism all over the country. We are pleased that the BIATF (Boracay Interagency Task Force) and the local government units of the Province of Aklan and Municipality of Malay have agreed to put health and safety as the priority as we carefully and safely welcome more guests to the island.”

The secretary states the reopening process will be done in a “calibrated” fashion. Travelers are also expected to first undergo a voluntary Covid test which must result in a negative, 48 to 72 hours before their departure.

Essential businesses like those in the food industry, medicine, and finance are the only ones guaranteed to be open but even then all are, on a good day, operating at half the capacity.

Need for additional funding

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Banks? They could work but their stringent requirements aren’t appealing to an already struggling business owner. There has to be a simpler solution.

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