Dubai – a real paradise for doing business

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International business opportunities in Dubai are attracting more and more attention from business representatives all over the world. There is no person in the modern business community who is not aware of the phenomenal economic growth of the United Arab Emirates. The norms of corporate law of the Emirates provide for a completely new level of legal relations between business and the state, excluding currency control, state taxation and restrictions for the withdrawal of financial assets.

Business registration in Dubai is a perfect opportunity to obtain an international company and provide a resident visa not only for yourself but also for your family. Depending on the legal form of the registered company, you get a number of advantages and opportunities for business development. This may be a local company focused on the local market, a company in a free economic zone or an international offshore company.

Prospects for the development of a new company in Dubai

Business in Dubai is a favorable tax climate, modern infrastructure, a favorable strategic location, the availability of international transport hubs, state guarantees and successful entry to the world market.
The loyal and friendly policy of the state to foreign investors contributes to the optimal adaptation of your business to the standards existing in the local market. After new company registration in Dubai, licenses and quality certificates that are recognized worldwide and deserve the attention of your partners will become available to your business.
The presence of such certification documents indicates the competitiveness of the product and opens up great prospects for businesses in the international market. Special attention is given to the real estate sector of the Emirates. To date, the volume of investment in this sector of the economy shows a record high. The construction boom that has been going on in Dubai for years is not known all over the world.
Considering the enormous opportunities for potential foreign investors in the real estate market, the management of the Emirate provided an opportunity for foreign citizens to acquire real estate in specialized areas. Thus, today you can not only open a business in Dubai, but also buy property for profitable investments or personal living. It is worth noting that all real estate transactions and subsequent income from its lease are exempt from taxation.

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Advantages of an offshore company in Dubai

To start your business in the United Arab Emirates, particularly in Dubai, it is enough to register a company. If this is a common company that does not require special licensing and additional approvals, the procedure will take the least time. You need to decide on the type of company to register.
In the case of conducting international business, to open offshore company in Dubai will be the best option. Such kind of companies in the Emirates implies the following opportunities for international business:

  • the opportunity for 100% foreign participation in the capital of the company;
  • the absence of corporate and income taxes;
  • the minimum period of company registration and requirements for it;
  • relatively low rates for banking services;
  • open access to strategic markets of all continents;
  • economic and political stability within the state;
  • well-established international logistics;
  • high standard of safety.

Special attention is given to local infrastructure for business. It must be said that the Government of the country is investing huge amounts of money in the development and improvement of the infrastructure. This is the first state in the Middle East that has adopted all the advanced technologies and for it. 

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