Element Construction, the Go-To Company for industrial construction

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By Gela Megeneishvili

Over the 14 years of operation, Element Construction has built an impressive portfolio that includes works for leading companies from different sectors. The construction of HPPs, tourist infrastructure, hotels, educational, medical and commercial objects –Element Construction’s 2121 portfolio turned out to be busy. Among them the leading projects are in the fields of industrial construction. In a sector that was seemingly slowed down by the pandemic, Element Construction has maintained activity, yet again highlighting its position on the market. The FINANCIAL reached out to Lado Buskivadze, the Executive Director of Element Construction, to gain further insights.

Q. What are the primary goals of Element Construction?

A. Our main aim is to be actively involved in projects that will be interesting and beneficial for the country. Our 14-year construction portfolio well illustrates the path we have taken to achieve this goal.  In itself, this process is continuous and involves many important issues. The projects of Element Construction are always implemented in compliance with international safety standards. The relevant department was set up in the company back in 2018, before the law would oblige the construction sector to do so.  This shows the priority which we place on the safety of the work environment.

Q. What were the developmental stages of the company and what is required for its success?

A. Element Construction is a powerful example while talking about the developmental stages. The company is distinguished in the Georgian construction market with a full range of construction services. This includes both industrial as well as hydro-technical and civil constructions. 14 years ago, Element Construction started operating in narrow, specialized areas and the right approach brought us to the state we are in today. The company has always been responsible and result-oriented, a trait that paved the way for us to succeed and is embedded in our slogan – Precision in all Elements.

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Q. How would you describe your organisational culture in both the pre- and post-pandemic periods?

A. Element Construction’s corporate culture has always been employee-oriented. Giving our employees maximum opportunities to discover and develop their capabilities is a major priority for the company, and we carry out the whole range of measures to ensure this. The efficient functioning of our system has been well demonstrated in pandemic conditions. The company’s response has been reflected in several important decisions to protect the health and interests of its employees. Element Construction was one of the first companies to offer the remote working model to their team members, in the three months of the remote operation mode, all employees got 100% of their salary and premiums. Element Construction not only kept the team but also introduced new staff to the company. To prevent the spread of the pandemic, we adhere to the regulations as much as possible and facilitate the process of the vaccination of employees.

Q. How did the pandemic change the ways of conducting business?

A. We have been feeling the effects of the pandemic both in business processes and in everyday life, however, the risk assessment and management system that the company has implemented allows us to respond appropriately to new challenges.

Q. What are the most highly-requested services of Element Construction?

A. Industrial construction is one of our most in-demand services. Numerous well-known and successfully-executed projects have earned us recognition in the field as Element Construction has been named the number one industrial construction company.

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However, we also observe the dynamics of demand growth in other fields of services. For example, last year the demand for design increased dramatically, therefore we initiated significant investment to expand the relevant department.

The design service of Element Construction has been used by well-known brands such as Aversi, Coca-Cola, Wendy’s, Eurotrade, Tushi Collection, etc.

We offer our customers a very comfortable service in the form of optimal design solutions. Examples of this are the high-tech enterprise ‘Wine Kakheti’ and the poultry farm ‘Noste’. We have also designed and built modern-standard public schools in the different regions of Georgia.

Element Construction presents functionally-different facilities and a full range of construction services of the highest quality.

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