Enhancing disaster risk management in Eastern Neighbourhood including Georgia

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The FINANCIAL — The 3rd phase of the EU-funded programme “Prevention, Preparedness and Response to natural and man-made disasters in Eastern Partnership countries – phase 3 (PPRD East 3)” was officially launched on 1st October 2020. This flagship initiative started back in 2010 with the purpose to strengthen disaster risk reduction and crises management in the Eastern Partnership countries and to promote regional cooperation with the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. The 3rd phase of the programme will be implemented during the years 2020-2024.
Enhancing disaster risk management in Eastern Neighbourhood
PPRD East is a programme that started in 2010 under the EU Eastern Partnership policy initiative, targeting six Eastern neighbours of the EU – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. Phase 3 of the programme will capitalise on previous work, building upon recommendations from previous phases and addressing previously encountered challenges. PPRD East 3 will contribute to enhanced disaster risk management in the region, enhancing cooperation between the EU Civil Protection Mechanism and civil protection in partner countries.
The following three specific objectives of PPRD East 3 guides the design and implementation of the programme:
  1. Building sustainable capabilities of the Partner Countries’ respective civil protection institutions for disaster risk prevention, preparedness and response to natural and man-made disasters.
  2. Strengthening interlinkages between all relevant governmental actors and civil society stakeholders as well as the scientific community, promoting a national inclusive approach to prevention, preparedness and response to natural and man-made disasters.
  3. Enhancing regional coordination, institutional and operational cooperation between the UCPM and the Eastern neighbourhood countries and among the Eastern neighbourhood countries.
Consortium and partnership
The programme will be implemented by the consortium consisting of the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) as the lead agency and programme coordinator, the Emergency Services Academy Finland, the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic – Section of Crisis Management, the Centro Internazionale in Monitoraggio Ambientale (CIMA) and the Italian Red Cross (CRI).
The PPRD East 3 programme and its activities will build on the existing national and regional structures and initiatives to ensure continuity, and at the same time identify new areas for collaboration and new knowledge and strategies that may inform practice. Local ownership and participation will be the key principle guiding implementation and ensuring sustainability of the expected outcomes.
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