Enmedic Clinic Strengthening its Inpatient and Outpatient Services for Liver Pathologies

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The FINANCIAL — Enmedic Clinic is planning to expand its central clinic located in the Georgian capital Tbilisi and strengthen both inpatient and outpatient directions for liver pathologies this year.

Medical diagnostic facility Enmedic Clinic has three branches currently: its central clinic, and two outpatient clinics – one in Tbilisi and the other in the Black Sea resort town of Batumi.

Enmedic Clinic was founded in 1970 on the basis of the endocrinology department of the first clinical hospital in Tbilisi, where at that time postgraduate training in endocrinology was practiced throughout the former Soviet Union.

Gradually the Clinic has expanded its medical services and established itself as a strong medical facility with modern technologies that empower patients’ multidisciplinary outpatient and inpatient medical care whilst also providing a full range of laboratory tests.

Glossy talked to Koba Burnadze, Director of Enmedic, about what medical services the Clinic offers its patients and what distinguishes it from others on the market.

Q. Please tell us, what services does Enmedic Clinic offer and which of them is the most in demand?

A. Enmedic Clinic offers high quality multidisciplinary inpatient and outpatient medical services, such as: endocrinology; paediatric endocrinology; therapy; cardiology; neurology; paediatric neurology; gynaecology; reproduction; sexology; mammalogy; ophthalmology; otorhinolaryngology; angiology; dermatology; family doctor; paediatrics; densitometry; ultrasound diagnostics; aspiration biopsy, and more.

Thyroid surgeries are performed in the Clinic, both traditional as well as seamless new methods which involve no sutures being left on the neck of the patient.

As the Clinic is based on the first endocrinology centre in Georgia, this direction is of course its most in demand.

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Q. The Clinic periodically offers patients free screenings and examinations. What can you tell us about this programme?

A. Our clinic is fully patient-oriented and strives to provide the perfect range of medical care for the patients that come to us.

The Clinic is also involved in state programmes. There are various screening programmes in the Vake branch of Enmedic Clinic in particular – thyroid; uterine; colorectal and prostate screening. In addition, our clinic is involved in hepatitis C screening and the state diabetes management programme. We also provide skin screening.

Q. What are the particular advantages of your clinic?

A. The advantage of our clinic is our experience and the fact that patients of ours have the opportunity to receive all types of services in one place – doctor’s consultations, diagnostics and laboratory.

Our laboratory is also one of the advantages of our clinic. It provides the possibility to carry out about 1,000 types of research in the following diagnostics sections: biochemistry; hematology; immunology; bacteriology; morphology; genetics; serology; and allergology.

There was a time when laboratory services in the country could not fully meet the required standards, and samples therefore were sent abroad for testing. The challenge then was how to ensure the necessary storage and transportation conditions were satisfied. Because of the undesirable conditions patients often received inaccurate results, which then prevented doctors from providing the correct treatment.

However, with the help of powerful, sophisticated automated analyzers and highly intellectual resources in our clinic today, it is possible to conduct these rare tests with us. This allows us to avoid the above-mentioned pre-analytical errors.

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Q. How would you summarize 2020?

A. The Covid-19 pandemic was a challenge for us as well, however we tried to handle it as well as we could.

We established online services such as an at-home lab call (which we already had before), as well as online consultations.

We have introduced new studies in response to the coronavirus pandemic, such as the study of common quantitative antibodies, the study of interleukin 6. We have offered discounts on the examinations that are recommended by the World Health Organization as a guideline – the D-dimer; creatinine; troponin; procalcitonin; c-reactive protein and more.

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