Ericsson and Net Insight synchronize live streaming

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The FINANCIAL — Ericsson has partnered with Net Insight for use with Ericsson’s Unified Delivery Network (UDN), a content distribution service that supports low-latency, live content delivery.

The Sye solution from Net Insight – one of the leading providers of live streaming, media transport and resource scheduling – is specifically designed to harmonize the viewing experience during live streaming events, ensuring everyone sees the same content at the same time. As a result, viewers can engage with each other on social media without the risk of finding out what happened on someone else’s screen before it happens on theirs.

Through the cooperation, Sye will be integrated in Ericsson’s UDN offering. The combined solution will result in a superior, highly efficient, global content distribution service, according to Ericsson.

Ericsson’s UDN is a global content delivery platform that facilitates collaboration between content and service providers to create turnkey, value-added services. This is superior to traditional content delivery networks because it uses infrastructure inside service provider networks, distributing content far closer to end users for a superior viewing experience.

Marcus Bergström, General Manager, UDN, Ericsson, says: “By resolving the latency and synching issues, content and service providers can now create a truly immersive live streaming experience where social interaction on the second screen is harmonized with viewing on the first. Our UDN allows content providers to further monetize and leverage their content in totally new ways while opening it up for service providers to directly participate in the OTT value chain.”

Per Lindgren, Senior Vice President, Live OTT, Net Insight, says: “Live events – and especially live sports events – generate the most money in broadcasting. However, the need to adapt to each user’s connection speed has made it difficult for the operators of OTT services to fully capitalize on these. By pairing our technology with Ericsson’s global network of UDN partnerships, we are well equipped to overcome this challenge.”

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