EU and Armenia move towards liberalisation of air transport

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The FINANCIAL — The first stage of the negotiations between Armenia and the European Union on the Comprehensive Air Transport Agreement started on 27 April.

Through the agreement, Armenia would join the EU’s Common Aviation Area, providing airlines with the opportunity to operate without any limitations and enjoy equal opportunities.

If the agreement is introduced, the existing European standards will be introduced in Armenia and foreign airlines will also have the opportunity to operate air routes based on commercial considerations, without any limitations, according to EU Neighbours East Info.

The Armenian negotiating group will be headed by Sergey Avetisyan, Head of the General Department of Civil Aviation of the Republic of Armenia. Klaus Geil, Deputy Head of Unit for Aviation Agreements at the European Commission, will lead the negotiations from the EU’s side. The Head of the European Union Delegation to the Republic of Armenia,  Piotr Antoni Świtalski, will also participate in the first stage of the negotiations.

On 1 December 2016, the Council of EU transport ministers adopted a mandate that allowed the European Commission to start negotiations with the Republic of Armenia.


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