EU cross-border cooperation programme runs educational campaign for schools in Belarus, Poland and Ukraine

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The FINANCIAL — 24 school teams from Poland, Belarus and Ukraine visited the west Ukrainian city of Lviv to attend “Heritage and Me!” – the final event within the educational campaign for schools run by the EU-funded Poland-Belarus-Ukraine Cross-border Cooperation Programme.

Almost 100 children from cross-border areas of the three countries took part in the event. Six months previously, they had submitted their applications to the contest, competing with other schools in their regions.

This year’s campaign is devoted to the theme of heritage. As part of the contest, children took selfies with interesting objects from the past, filmed videos about their home areas and created visual representations of their idea of heritage.

During the final event in Lviv, the participants worked in mixed cross-border teams, completing challenges as part of a game. The tasks were related to the history and culture of the three countries and traditional arts and crafts.

The Poland-Belarus-Ukraine Cross-border Cooperation Programme supports cross-border development processes in the bordering regions of Poland, Belarus and Ukraine. In the period 2014–2020, the programme focuses on the promotion of economic and social development and addresses common challenges in relation to environment, public health, safety and security.


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