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EU increase pressure on Putin! European Federation of Journalists

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The FINANCIAL — The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) today joined a new call by the European trade union movement to the European Union and its Member States following the armed aggression by Russia against Ukraine. The EFJ joins the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) in reiterating its condemnation of the attack, demanding the immediate stop of military operations, Russian troops to leave the country, and dialogue and talks for peace to be started.

The ETUC, which is the voice of workers and represents 45 million members from 92 trade union organisations in 39 European countries, plus 10 European Trade Union Federations, including the EFJ:

“Within days of Putin’s unacceptable military attack on Ukraine, the situation is continuously deteriorating with devastation in the country, thousands of victims among civilians and military forces, hundreds of thousands of refugees displaced within Ukrainian territory and crossing the borders to neighbouring countries in precarious and dangerous conditions.

“The ETUC reiterates its condemnation of the attack, demands the immediate stop of military operations, Russian troops to leave the country, and dialogue and talks for peace to be started.

“The ETUC demands that the European Union institutions and Member States :

  • Increase the pressure on Putin and his government through all necessary forms of sanctions, to be specifically targeted on the interests and assets of the Russian leadership and elites, and to be extended also to Belarus for its part in the military aggression on Ukraine.
  • introduce measures of compensation and alternative supply, to reduce negative impacts on the populations of the EU and neighbouring countries, including the continuation of emergency measures used by the EU to tackle the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • provide immediate military, financial and humanitarian support to Ukraine and its population.
  • establish humanitarian corridors to allow refugees to leave the country safely and to set up reception and relocation plans within the EU.
  • ensure security and protection to the borders and the populations of the EU and neighbouring countries which are most exposed to current and potential Russian military operations.
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The ETUC is constantly in touch with Ukrainian trade union colleagues to ensure solidarity and support, and in coordination with its affiliates, the ITUC and PERC is ready to:

  • Activate mobilising and lobbying activities at all levels to support ETUC demands and keep the pressure high on EU institutions and national governments.
  • Provide financial and humanitarian assistance to the Ukrainian population through the Ukrainian trade unions.
  • Help establish humanitarian corridors in support of refugees.
  • Support ETUC affiliated trade unions in the countries of the region most exposed to the consequences of the Russian attacks.

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