Euronext Announces Volumes for February 2016

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The FINANCIAL — Euronext on March 3 announced trading volumes for February 2016.

The February 2016 average daily transaction value on the Euronext cash order book stood at €8,588 million (+4.1% compared with February 2015). Activity on ETFs remained particularly dynamic during February with an average daily transaction value at €677 million, up 26% compared to February 2015. The increase in the number of ETF listings was unprecedented. Euronext welcomed 72 new ETF listings since the beginning of 2016, including from its new issuer UBS Asset Management, thus enlarging the ETF offering to 751 listings. February 2016 was a new record month in number of transactions, with an average daily number of trades of 2,284,119 double counted (previous record dates back to January 2016 at 2,210,632 trades). On 11 February more than 626 million orders have been processed on the Euronext Cash markets thus reaching a new record, according to Euronext.

The average daily volume on equity index derivatives was significantly up at 249,664 contracts (+10.5% compared with February 2015) and the average daily volume on individual equity derivatives was also up at 281,497 contracts (+6.3% compared with February 2015). On 11 February more than 390 million orders were processed on Euronext Derivatives (including commodity derivatives) thus again reaching a new record since the Euronext IPO in June 2014  (previous record was on 20 January 2016 with 315 million orders processed).

In February 2016, the average daily volume on commodities derivatives increased by 30.8% when compared to February 2015, with an average daily volume of 68,655 contracts.

In February 2016, Euronext had no new listings due to the highly volatile market conditions. However during February 2016, €3.7 billion was raised in corporate bonds and €0.7 billion of follow-on equity.


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