Euronext Imposes Listing Measure On Macintosh Retail Group N.V.

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The FINANCIAL — Euronext announces that as of 24 December the shares issued by Macintosh Retail Group N.V. will be transferred to the special segment for securities subject to insolvency procedures, ‘the Recovery Box’.

The Recovery Box is a Euronext listing measure that is imposed on companies that are subject to insolvency procedures. Allocation to the Recovery Box means that the shares are transferred to another trading group of Euronext Amsterdam in order to ensure a fair, orderly and efficient operation of our markets, according to Euronext.

Shares in Macintosh Retail Group N.V. remain tradable. A company that is allocated to the Recovery Box continues to be part of an index for a maximum period of three months.

In case the situation has not changed after 12 months, Euronext can impose additional listing measures including a delisting or an extension of the listing measure.


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