Euronext Paris moves to La Défense business district

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The FINANCIAL — Euronext Paris announced on June 19 that it has successfully completed its move to the Pratorium building in La Défense, just west of the French capital.

In its better sized and more modern new home, Euronext Paris offers employees and partners a user-friendly, open-plan environment conducive to exchange and interaction. The six-floor building houses a cutting-edge market surveillance room, a mezzanine overlooking the surveillance room for bell ceremonies celebrating market opening and closing, and a spacious auditorium seating nearly 400 people. Praetorium has been awarded three certifications for environmental performance, according to Euronext.

Located in the heart of La Défense, Europe’s leading business district, where many Euronext clients also have head offices, these new premises mark another milestone in the Euronext group’s transformation over the past year. Others include its separation from IntercontinentalExchange (ICE) and listing on the stock exchange; its positioning as a centre for raising capital to finance the economy; and its client-focused growth strategy and commitment to growing the Paris market.

Anthony Attia, Chairman and CEO of Euronext Paris, said: “We are very proud to open our new premises at Praetorium, where we will be welcoming clients and staff in style. Euronext Paris aims to play a key role in financing business growth and today we are more dedicated than ever to taking part in the Paris market’s momentum. Praetorium is an outstanding illustration of the new culture that we are developing at Euronext, built on client needs, efficiency and innovation.”


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