Europe witnessed an increase in venture capital funding activity

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In contrast, the Asia-Pacific region saw an increase in VC volume and value from 1,133 deals worth US$20.9bn in Q4 2018 to 1,635 deals worth US$24.7bn in Q4 2019.

Top deals announced in this region during Q4 2019 included US$3.7bn secured by Tenglong Holdings Group, US$3bn secured by Beijing Kuaishou Technology, Ltd. and US$1.5bn secured by Oravel Stays Private Limited.

China saw an increase from 664 deals worth US$15.4bn in Q4 2018 to 945 deals worth US$15.4bn in Q4 2019. India saw an increase from 180 deals worth US$2bn in Q4 2018 to 258 deals worth US$5.8bn in Q4 2019. Japan also saw an increase from 47 deals worth US$238m to 102 deals worth US$654.6 million.

Europe witnessed an increase from 797 deals worth US$5.3bn in Q4 2018 to 948 deals worth US$7.6bn in Q4 2019.

Top deals announced in this region during Q4 2019 included US$290m secured by Celonis GmbH and US$220.3m by Picnic B.V.

The UK saw an increase in deal volume from 296 deals Q4 2018 to 312 deals in Q4 2019. However, there was a decrease in the deal value from US$2.2bn in Q4 2018 to US$2.1bn in Q4 2019.

Germany saw a massive increase from 94 deals worth US$803.6m in Q4 2018 to 171 deals worth US$1.68bn in Q4 2019. France also witnessed an increase from 66 deals worth US$555.4m in Q4 2018 to 122 deals worth US$1.8bn in Q4 2019.

Even the Middle East and Africa regions have seen an improvement in VC funding activity from 135 deals worth US$1.1bn in Q4 2018 to 191 deals worth 1.4bn in Q4 2019.

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