Fast & Shine To Offer Professional Cleaning Services For Commercial, Private Facilities

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After a pause of several months caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Fast & Shine plans to return to the Georgian market even stronger. In just a few months, professional cleaning services for commercial and private facilities will also be added to the list of services of Fast & Shine, whose main field of activity is dry car washing.

In addition, Fast & Shine has started cooperation with Rooms Hotel and Stamba Hotel to provide leather furniture restoration and care services.

“You know that our company also offers leather restoration services to customers. Since 2017, Fast & Shine has been an official representative of the German brand Colourlock on the Georgian market. We have established leather restoration services as a priority direction of our company for 2020”, said Irakli Bagoshvili, the director of Fast & Shine.

“As for our cooperation with Stamba and Rooms hotels, these hotel networks feature probably the best quality leather furniture in Georgia, which requires very delicate care, protection and restoration. We are very proud to be their partners”, he added.

When talking about plans for 2020, Bagoshvili said Fast & Shine will provide training courses for those interested and a Colourlock certificate upon completion.

“We have received a license from the Colourlock Training Center, which means that anyone interested in the leather restoration profession will be able to take a course with our specialists. They can master the profession, which is demanded but nowhere to be found in Georgia, so that they can enter this business and earn quite an appealing income”, said Bagoshvili.

He added that the company is working on launching leather restoration online courses as well.

Fast & Shine was founded in 2015 and initially offered customers dry cleaning for cars without water as an on-site assistance service.

“At that time it was an innovative service. Gradually, we have introduced various services: dry cleaning, polishing, leather restoration, ceramic coating processing and many other services.We are the first company that started popularizing auto detailing in Georgia and laid the foundation for the establishment of a culture of proper car care”, said Bagoshvili.

Bagoshvili said the coronavirus lockdown has suspended the implementation of the company’s plans.

“We had planned to attend professional cleaning master classes in Germany in March. We hope that the world will soon be able to cope with the situation at large and we will be able again to fulfill our plans”, Bagoshvili said.

How in demand are the services of Fast & Shine?

Growth dynamics indicators have been quite high every year, so we decided to open a new branch in 2019. Our forecast was justified: after opening a new branch, the number of our customers doubled.

As of today, we are represented on the market by two branches. One is located in the Gldani district of Tbilisi, while the second is in Vake. Both branches work at full capacity.

In addition, social media helps us to remain in constant communication with our customers. We have direct communication with our customers through Facebook and Instagram.

You often say that your company’s goal is to change people’s attitude towards car care. Have you achieved this goal?

I can say that we have quite good results.

As I have already mentioned we were the first company to start advertising auto detailing in Georgia. To communicate with customers, we have very active Facebook and Instagram pages, from which we try to give them information through videos and stories about how to take care of leather interiors in vehicles and which products to use. We test different products on Facebook and Instagram live feeds and share the results with our customers.

I think there is still a lot of work to be done before we reach our goal, but we have already achieved some results: in the past, the majority of our customers came to us with torn leather interiors. Now, even when a small scratch appears, they immediately call us.

Sales of car care products have also increased: the awareness of quality products and premium class brands has as well, and there is a general interest from consumers.

Fast & Shine has received the Golden Brand award this year for the success the company achieved in 2019. What does this award mean for your company?

Golden Brand is a big success and recognition for our company. Especially pleasing is the fact that we received the award as a result of a survey of experts and our customers.

I think we deserved this award as a result of the diligent work of our employees for which I would like to thank them very much! I am sure each of them is proud that they are members of our company and the best specialists of 2019!

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