First Dubai-Based Member Joins Curveglobal

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The FINANCIAL — CurveGlobal, the interest rate derivatives platform, announced that ED&F Man Capital Markets MENA Limited has joined as a member of London Stock Exchange Derivatives Market (LSEDM) member to trade CurveGlobal products.

They are the first Middle-Eastern member on the platform following London Stock Exchange plc’s approval as a Recognised Body by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) in July 2018. This allows participants based in the Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC) to trade CurveGlobal products directly. ED&F Man Capital Markets is a global financial brokerage business offering direct access to global capital markets.

CurveGlobal recently celebrated its second year of operation on 26 September. Since 2016, the platform has seen 4,364,200 lots traded with over 100% growth in open interest in the last six months. The momentum behind CurveGlobal reflects a growing appetite for more capital-efficient and open alternatives to existing derivatives trading services.

CurveGlobal addresses several of the biggest customer concerns, including the inability to have a choice of where to clear (and optimise) trades, as well as the increasing costs associated with market data.

CurveGlobal was launched by London Stock Exchange Group in partnership with Cboe and a number of major dealer banks.


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