Four Ways You Can Tell If You’ll Get Planning Permission Before Buying

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Buying a new home is a huge step, partly because you never find your dream property on the market for an affordable price. Mostly, you have to make changes so that the house resembles the one in your head.

For that, the ability to renovate is essential. Unfortunately, far too many buyers invest in real estate only to realize that they require permits. Even worse, they can’t obtain them because the community or the local authority are worried.

The key is to figure out whether you’ll be permitted to build before you make a bid, and here’s how.

Speak To Your (Potential) Neighbors

The real estate market may be unpredictable, yet it also has patterns. One that you can pretty much take to the bank is that you’ll be allowed to build a similar feature to that of your neighbors. Yes, they may have contacts you don’t, but the precedent is set as soon as they erect a conservatory or extend their home. Therefore, it’s essential to introduce yourself to the community and build relationships. Then, you can pick their brains about potential renovations and whether they’ll be successful. A warning – don’t give away too much. Neighbors will pretend to be your friend when they only have their interests at heart.

Check The Approval Rates

It’s not the end of the road, even if the community utilizes different projects. The trick is to concentrate on the type of construction as approval rates differ depending on the renovation. For example, garage conversions are exempt from permits. Therefore, just because your neighbors don’t have them doesn’t mean you’ll be rejected. They can’t! You can usually check the approval rates for your area as a whole and the type of project before commencing.

Image Source: Pexels – CC0 Licence

Hire A Trustworthy Realtor

One person you should be able to rely on is your realtor. With their experience and skill in the industry, they can tell you which properties are likely to secure permits and already have them in the vault. The best real estate agent in your area is a vat of knowledge that you must leverage. Therefore, it’s vital that you hire someone you can trust since there are stories of realtors who will say anything to close a deal. After all, they stand to earn a hefty chunk of change, which is why it’s crucial to ask for recommendations before signing on the dotted line.

Focus On Permitted Developments

If you don’t know what permitted developments are, they’re the ones that don’t require permission from the local authority. Neighbors and interested parties can’t object because you either have a right as the homeowner or you won’t infringe their privacy. For those who don’t know which projects are ready to go, you can find a comprehensive list here. As a taster, the main ones you’ll probably love are the single-story extensions, side and back extensions, and attic and basement conversions.

The big question is, will you receive permission to build?

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