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The FINANCIAL — The cost of cooking one standard portion of khachapuri stood at 3.46GEL in September 2015. Compared to the previous month (August 2015) the Index lost 0.9%; in yearly terms (compared to September 2014), it actually gained 3.2%. 

While most expensive in the average sense, Batumi offers the greatest savings for those “frugal housewives” who care to look for the cheapest ingredients. A frugal housewife would pay only 3.07 GEL for one portion of khachapuri in Batumi, saving a solid 14% of the average price. Tbilisi and Kutaisi are somewhat less friendly for frugal housewives, offerings saving of 12.4 % and 11.8%, respectively. There are even fewer bargains in Telavi – the smallest city in our sample, – where frugal housewives could save only about 10.7% of the average, paying about 3.09GEL for one portion of khachapuri.


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