Gadgets That Can Improve Your Life

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Technology was supposed to reduce the amount of work we had to do and increase our leisure time, but sometimes, it can feel like the opposite is true. There are still plenty of gadgets that can make life better and easier, whether you want a cleaner house, leisure time that’s more relaxing or a home that is more efficient. The gadgets below are just a few of the types of tech that can substantially improve your life.

Robot Vacuum

Let’s face it, nobody enjoys sweeping or vacuuming. The robot vacuum may be one of the first types of robot technology to become widely popular, but if you were only ever familiar with earlier models, you might be surprised at how far they’ve come. Models today are more affordable and the most modern robot vacuums can do a lot more, including both mopping and sweeping and dealing with pet hair. If you have allergies, there are models that do automatic disposal.


Are you a dried herb enthusiast? Are you tired of your house smelling like smoke? You can get a more refined experience if you get rid of the smoke and go with a vaporizer instead. Check out a collection of vaporizers that will allow you to stand behind your purchase. Be forewarned that there’s a big and impressive subculture attached to the vaporizer, and you might just find yourself with a major new hobby on your hands.

Smart Gadgets

The smart home revolution is exciting, but it can also be a little gimmicky. Do you really need a refrigerator that is connected to the internet? The truth is that depending on your lifestyle and your needs, most of these devices are useful to someone, and if you’re a harried parent whose teenaged kids keep eating through house and home, it can be helpful to be able to check in with the fridge after work and see what it’s out of.

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Beyond that, though, smart devices can do a lot to improve your quality of life if you choose carefully. Devices that can raise or lower the temperature or lighting in your home based on your movement or voice commands can make it a much more pleasant environment and may save you money on utilities. If you’re concerned about security, a smart doorbell can alert you to who’s paying you a visit. You likely already know that diet, exercise, and sleep affect heart health, but do you know why, and do you know how to monitor that without a doctor’s appointment? Consider a fitness watch or tracker to help you monitor these levels daily and optimize for a healthy lifestyle.

Waterproof Devices

What could be better than knowing that you can take your movies, books, music and more into the shower or pool with you and not worry about getting them wet? If you’re a bookworm, check out the best options for a waterproof e-reader. Shower singers might want to pick up a set of waterproof Bluetooth speakers for those impromptu karaoke sessions. You can pick up waterproof phones or tablets or you can get spray-on screen protectors that use nanotechnology to keep the water out of your devices. The former is generally more reliable if you’re worried about full-on immersion, but the screen protector can give you peace of mind if you’re prone to knocking over drinks in close proximity to your phone.

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