GALT & TAGGART Successfully releases two-years long obligations, worth 15 million GEL

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The FINANCIAL — GALT & TAGGART has accepted the offer to issue two-years long bonds of MFO CRYSTAL, worth of 15 million GEL. The annual coupon rate on the mentioned bonds was set at 4% over the refinancing rate.

Earning the highest credit evaluation, by the rating company FITCH, (FITCH RATINGS), CRYSTAL as a non-banking financial organisation, alongside with their astonishing results, has earned a trustworthy name among investors, and therefore created a demand for corporate bonds, which will be traded on the Georgian stock market.

The noteworthy portion of the earned revenue on bonds, will be spend to offer reasonable loans to female customers, to increase the awareness and skills suitable for the business world and on development of their own businesses. Female play a significant role into the development of the Georgian economy, CRYSTAL as the participant of the Georgian economy would be eager to support the women.

With the introduction the second release of the corporate bonds, CRYSTAL is glad to continue their doings, that they consider stands beneficial both for the company and the market on bonds. “we would love to give props to the financial investment management services company GALT & TAGGART with their amazing team and as well as to the GEORGIAN NATIONAL BANK for their support. It is very noteworthy that the revenue gained from releasing the notes will be spend to incentivise the economic prosperity of female entrepreneurs, and to enlarge their businesses.” Stated Archil Bakuradze, the head of the supervisory board of CRYSTAL.

“I would love to congratulate to CRYSTAL, for successfully issuing the new bonds, the second issue is the symbol that highlights the trust of the investors towards our organisation. My congratulation as well as goes to GALT & TAGGART, who became one of the leading investment management services company on the Georgian market.” Stated Otar Sharikadze, the chief executive of GALT & TAGGART

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