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Game on! Extra-EU toy imports totalled €7.1 billion

When embarking on the hunt for the perfect presents to delight children, toys are surely at the top of the list.

The EU is a net importer of toys from the rest of the world, with €7.1 billion worth of toys imported from extra-EU countries in 2021. Extra-EU exports totalled around a third of this (€2.4 billion).

China main toy importer to the EU

China was the biggest supplier of toys to the EU, accounting for 83% of toy imports in 2021, far ahead of Vietnam (4%) and the United Kingdom (2%). Around a fifth of EU imports of toys went to Germany (19%), while the Netherlands and France accounted for 17% and 11%, respectively.

United Kingdom, Switzerland and United States top export destinations

The main non-EU export destination with more than a fourth of exports was the United Kingdom (27%), followed by Switzerland (12%) and the United States (11%). Together, these countries accounted for half of extra-EU exports by value. More than half of the toys exported from the EU came from Czechia (34%), Germany (21%) and Belgium (7%).


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