Gazprom to increase operating gas reserve in Russian UGS facilities to 66.28 billion cubic meters

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The FINANCIAL — The Gazprom Management Committee reviewed the performance of the Company's subsidiaries over the autumn/winter 2011–2012 period and measures required for uninterrupted gas supply to consumers in the autumn/winter 2012–2013 period.


The meeting highlighted that Gazprom Group had secured a sustainable gas supply to Russian consumers as well as export gas deliveries.


According to Gazprom, for reliable operation of the Unified Gas Supply System (UGSS) in the autumn/winter 2012–2013 period the Management Committee tasked the specialized structural units and subsidiaries with the following assignments: stockpile at least 66.28 billion cubic meters (by 1 billion cubic meters more than in 2011) of operating (marketable) gas reserves in Russia's underground gas storage  (UGS) facilities by the beginning of the next withdrawal season; implementing the Basic Guidelines on preparing Gazprom's subsidiary facilities for operation during the autumn/winter 2012–2013 period; performing scheduled preventive maintenance and repair work at gas production, transmission, underground storage and processing facilities; preparing transportation vehicles and specialized equipment for winter operation.



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