GE Launching Roots Turbo Blower, an Efficient Aeration Solution for Wastewater Treatment

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The FINANCIAL — Expanding its portfolio of aeration blowers for the wastewater treatment and process industries, GE is introducing the Roots Turbo Blower at IFAT 2012, the International Trade Fair for Environment, Wastewater and Waste Disposal being held in Munich May 7-11.


The cost-effective, low-maintenance Roots Turbo Blower offers an efficient aeration solution for a wastewater treatment plant. For a typical aerobic digestion wastewater treatment plant, the aeration blower accounts for 50-60 percent of the total electricity used by the facility. Improving the process by a few percentage points can have a significant impact on the plant’s monthly electric utility bill and the Roots Turbo Blower provides that process improvement.

“The Roots Turbo Blower is the newest member of a product line that has been providing aeration blowers since 1929,” said Jim Drees, product line leader, roots blowers and compressors, GE Measurement & Control. “The new blower is available in units ranging from 300 kilowatts down to 22.5 kilowatts and offers the next generation of oil-free bearing technology. We believe its Bump Type airfoil bearing delivers better performance than earlier technology.”

Aeration equipment, including turbo blowers, is used in biological oxygen demand removal, nitrification and aerobic digestion processes within the wastewater treatment plant. According to the General Electric Company, in the aeration basins, where the BOD removal and nitrification process occur, bacteria feed on the waste that is coming into the plant. These bacteria are kept alive and their biological activity maintained at an optimal level by aerating or adding oxygen to the process. The simplest and most cost-effective way to provide the oxygen to the bacteria is to compress atmospheric air and distribute it into the aeration basins through fine bubble diffusers, using turbo blowers to force the air through the piping.

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“This process of capturing air and forcing it into the aeration system requires electricity, or some form of power, and as energy costs have increased, plants are seeking more efficient ways of delivering this air,” noted Drees. “Our Roots Turbo Blower was developed to address with this objective in mind.”



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