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The FINANCIAL — It wasn’t so long ago when acceptable business outfits were fairly predictable and similar to one another. It was simple. Men wore suits and women wore skirts and blouses. The more brands that are appearing on the market today though, the more difficult it is to make the right choice. The number one rule is to dress for success.


Brands are everywhere: in clothes boutiques, glasses, cars, mobile shops, make up, perfume. Georgian businessmen also have their favourite brands to dress in, wear, drive, talk, put on and smell.


“I like beautiful clothes so will wear any brand so long as it is nice and fits me well”, Ana Beriashvili, Operations Director of GWS, one of the leading wine producers in Georgia told The FINANCIAL.


“Concerning perfume I’m more conservative as my favourite brand is Chanel, but I will try other brands as well with great pleasure.”


Beriashvili adores Nokia mobiles and BMW cars, although she currently possesses an Apple mobile and Toyota car.


GWS Director buys clothes and other accessories both in Georgia and abroad. She goes shopping at least once a month, but it depends on her needs.


“I really pay great attention to my formal attire, if I’m dressed properly and feel comfortable, I’m more open for negotiations.”


“I like both classic and sporty outfits, depending on the circumstances though, the most important thing for me is to be dressed right for any particular occasion,” said Beriashvili.


Beriashvili does not have a monthly spending limit on shopping. “Sometimes I spend a considerable amount, sometimes nothing. I’d love to have more time in my schedule for shopping.”

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“My favourite brands are Giordano, Austin Reed, Jaeger-la-Coutier, Chanel and Rayban,” said David Lee, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Georgia, General Director of Magticom.


“At the moment I have a Nokia mobile and an Aston Martin. With CEOs some of the most popular brands are Magti and Mercedes,” proudly noted Mr. Lee.


“I buy clothes in Giordano and Cheltenham. I go clothes shopping once a month. I spend roughly USD 2,000 a month on shopping. I pay big attention to the clothes I wear to formal meetings. Generally I prefer to wear sporty clothes,” he added.
For Ramaz Mosashvili, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of JSC Iberia Real Estate, favourite brands are Giorgio Armani, Patek Philippe (watches), Green Irish Tweed by Creed (Perfume),  Alain Mikli (sunglasses).


“I like the mobiles of Vertu and Mercedes cars”, Mr. Mosashvili told the FINANCIAL.


He drives Toyota car and communicate with a Prado mobile phone.

“I don’t go shopping every month”, Mr. Mosashvili says.


“I go shopping on average once every three months and spend approximately USD 3,000 each time. I prefer classic and casual smart clothing. I usually go shopping when I’m abroad,” he added.


Mosashvili thinks that among CEOs the most popular brands are Vertu and Mercedes.


“My favourite brand is Kenzo. I think the best mobile brands are the iPhone, Sony Ericsson and Nokia. I adore cars by Toyota, BMW and Mercedes,” said Giorgi Kapanadze, Axis General Director.
He goes shopping once a month, but abroad, because there are no good shopping centres in Georgia yet. He affirms how important it is how you look at formal meetings.


“It is very important how you look at work. I prefer dressing casual, semi sporty,” says Cartu Bank Director Giorgi Kvirikashvili.

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“My favourite brands are Daniel Hechter (for clothes), Omega (watches) and Boss (perfume)”.


“I have Nokia and Sony Ericsson mobiles, and my car – a Mazda. I mostly do my shopping abroad, once a month on average” Mr. Kvirikashvili says.


“Among CEOs Boss and Hermes are probably the most popular brands”, Mr. Kvirikashvili says shopping is always a way to relax.


“Certainly we’re all aware of how shopping means different things to different people at different times,” writes author Paco Underhill in his book, Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping.


“We use shopping as therapy, reward, bribery, pastime, as an excuse to get out of the house, as a way to troll for potential loved ones, as entertainment, as a form of education or even worship, as a way to kill time,” he says. As Underhill’s studies have made clear, shopping meets a variety of needs.


“Whatever the motivator, shopping, in contrast to buying, lifts our spirits. It makes us feel better about ourselves and our place in the universe. It is a form of therapy. It is good to occasionally reward or affirm yourself with a purchase. Shopping is an easy way to assert self-worth, one of the simplest ways,” says Judith Mueller, executive director of the internationally known resource, The Women’s Centre in Vienna, Virginia.


“A classic example is the purchase of bath salts and perfumed oils, the ingredients of a personally pampering and perhaps luxurious spa experience. It takes some thought. It’s affordable and there is an investment of time,” Mueller explains.


Written By Sopho Kheladze



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