Georgia soon to join European Internet network

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The FINANCIAL — A leading internet provider Caucasus Online is launching a century project for the development of the Georgian internet network. The project is to be finished in 2008. It will enable Georgia to join the European internet. More importantly, Georgia will have the cheapest, fastest and best quality internet


“Georgian consumers deserve superb quality internet” – that’s what representatives of Caucasus Network think. Caucasus Online and the leading American company Taiko Telecommunications, operating in the sphere of communication systems have already made an agreement and have even started work. The agreement considers the installation of a submarine optical system (cable) stretching along the bottom of the Black Sea between Poti and Varna, Bulgaria, to be completed in a year’s time. The project will open a road to “European Internet” for Georgia.


Based on specialists’ estimations, the unique 1400-kilometer optical cable will have 1,3 terabit flotation ability. The cable equipped with a special protecting cover is distinguished for its high capacity and speed which will be even faster than the main internet magistral between the USA and Great Britain. The cable will also provide the 3G communication service. The construction will be complete in September 2008. The project’s expenses, USD 75 million, are being fully covered by Caucasus Online.


 The presentation of the said project was held at the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel a few days ago. Zurab Nogaideli, the Georgian Prime Minister and Giorgi Arveladze, Minister of Economic Development attended the event.

“Our political plans also include the development of the internet sector in Georgia. Internet should become better quality and should be distinguished for its superb service and affordable tariffs. To achieve this goal, it is very important to attract large international internet providers who can make enormous investments in the development of the whole infrastructure. They will create new services and our consumers will then be able to use the best internet in the condition of healthy competition,” declared the Minister of Economic Development at the presentation.
“The project is being initiated by the Caucasus Online director general, Mamia Sanadiradze, while we are assisting in the project implementation. A new system will develop and improve the connection between Georgia and Europe,” said Robert Munier, managing director of Taiko Telecommunications.   

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According to Caucasus Online representatives, new technologies will provide not only Georgia and its regions with European internet but all countries of the Caucasus as well. Georgian consumers will get high quality European internet service directly from Western Europe.
Mamia Sanadiradze, Caucasus Online director general claims that it is worth spending such an enormous investment on the project as Georgian citizens will then have the chance to use the best quality internet services. The company should not miss this opportunity.


“This is the best quality internet service which is not even available in our biggest neighbouring countries Russia and Turkey. The project is the beginning of a new era in the development of the Georgian internet sector. Georgian consumers deserve to have the fastest and highest quality internet. Before now we were unable to completely satisfy the demands of those interested in the internet, but now European internet will give us unlimited capabilities,” said Mamia Sanadiradze. “It is important that Georgia has the biggest number of internet consumers in the whole of the Caucasus. Hence, the system is much more developed in comparison to either Azerbaijan or Armenia.” Mamia Sanadiradze hopes that the new internet will enable the company to offer diverse services to all its consumers.


Caucasus Online is the first Georgian internet provider company occupying 90% of the Georgian market and a large share of the Caucasian market. Furthermore, it owns an optical network that connects 5 centres in Tbilisi and Rustavi. Furthermore, it has a 2 megabyte direct line connected to the main internet magistral of America and the latest technologies to guarantee the best internet service.

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The company plans to capture the central Asian market in the nearest future. The year 2006 was very productive for Caucasus Online. The company started the provision of public schools of Tbilisi with internet service. In the summer of 2006, the company bought shares of Georgia Online and Sanet, thereby becoming the largest internet provider on the market.


“Taiko Telecommunications” is the leading world company in the sphere of high-tech communication systems. A strong scientific-technical base and active use of industrial achievements enables the company to create, process and deliver state-of-the-art submarine communication systems. Currently, Taiko Telecommunications has created and installed over 80 kinds of optical cellular systems in many countries worldwide.


The company needs 5 years to see returns on its investment, after which it will proceed to pure profit. The project’s initiators hope to deliver high-quality internet services at an affordable price and for it to be available to all families in Georgia.

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