Georgian Beer Company to Offer New Irish Beers and Flavoured Waters in 2019

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Georgian Beer Company, brewer and supplier of soft drinks, is increasing its portfolio of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with new Irish beers of the Guinness brands Harp and Kilkenny, and the first flavoured waters on the Georgian market.“We have already signed an agreement with Guinness to start producing Harp and Kilkenny in Georgia. Everyone knows that Harp is a premium segment brand with high standard technologies and quality. We are proud to have the right to brew this beer in Georgia,” said Georgian Beer Company`s Director Kakhaber Kotrikadze.

“As for Kilkenny, it has different characteristics as a beer. It is a nitrogenated Irish cream ale from the makers of Guinness, which originated in Kilkenny, Ireland. But this brand is also oriented on high quality,” he added.

As Kotrikadze stated, customers can already find Harp beer at certain locations on the market, however together with Kilkenny it will be appearing more widely on the Georgian market in the coming months.

Besides new beers, Georgian Beer Company is entering a completely new segment this year, bringing flavoured waters onto the market this summer.

“Only Georgian Beer Company is able to produce such high quality flavoured waters in Georgia. This product, like our juice Chero, will be produced using the latest technology of ‘aseptic’ bottling. The flavoured waters will have different fruit or citrus aromas. This way we will contribute to raising water consumption among Georgian customers, making drinking water more pleasant and therefore popular,” said Kotrikadze.

All these new products will be appearing on the market by the end of this year, however Georgian Beer Company offered some novelties at the beginning of 2019 also.

This year Georgian Beer Company has already introduced onto the market the rebranded Sviani, which is a  lager-type beer with a soft and pleasing taste. Sviani is made of a special breed of hop and highest quality barley malt. Sviani is an ancient Georgian word meaning ‘happy, lucky one’, so Sviani was designed as a beer that brings happiness.

“Sviani is a winner and leader of blind degustation and is much appreciated by beer specialists. We wanted Sviani to also be a national product. We have rebranded this product, changing its image and appearance,” said Kotrikadze.

Another product that was already presented on the market is the beer Ninkasi, named after the Sumerian goddess of beer. Kotrikadze says that Ninkasi has an “interesting aroma and taste”.

Meanwhile, three of Georgian Beer Company’s products Ragnar, Zedazeni and Chero received a Golden Brand award this year.

“These are truly distinguished brands in our portfolio. All three brands are united by the same characteristics – quality, high standard, and the refined taste,” Kotrikadze said.

Beer Zedazeni is the first and main brand of Georgian Beer Company. Three factors determine the quality of beer: the raw materials, recipe, and production process. The Beer Zedazeni is brewed by the highest quality raw materials and with the excellent spring water of Zedazeni. The production process is carried out according to the most ultramodern reaches of the European beverage industry.

“Zedazeni appeared on the Georgian market in 2012 and has gained much respect from customers. Zedazeni was established on the market as a brand of high quality and as a brand that says “Georgian means the best!” Zedazeni is famous as a truly Georgian brand, with Georgian history and with Georgian values,” Kotrikadeze said.

Georgian Beer Company rebranded Zedazeni last year, giving it a renewed design. Zedazeni beer is now in brown bottles with a redesigned label which is modern and more refined. This was the first rebranding of Zedazeni beer since it launched seven years ago.

“Zedazeni started the history of our company that today produces more than 10 varieties of beer; the lemonades Zedazeni and Baikho; cold tea; three varieties of energy drinks – Wilder (the first Georgian energy drink), Dino and Rad Rain. We produce both juices and RC Cola with different flavours – all of them respected and major players on the market,” Kotrikade said.

Another Golden Brand winner – Scandinavian beer Ragnar Pilsner – appeared on the market last year. This beer is made according to the traditions and brewing methods of old Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian tribes. The miracle beer of the Vikings has already become popular among Georgian consumers.

As for Chero, this is the first Georgian natural juice made from local raw materials and produced using the latest technology of ‘aseptic’ bottling. This method of bottling allows for the possibility of maintaining the fruits’ vitamins and precious components. There is no analogue of this in Georgia, nor in any of its neighbouring countries.

All three products experienced growth in sales last year: Zedazeni – about 10 percent; Ragnar – 7-8 percent; and Chero – 20%.

Export of Georgian Beer Company’s products also grew by about 50 percent.

“We have also diversified the range of products. Previously, Georgian lemonade by Zedazeni was the sole leader of exports, but recently the export of beers, energy drinks and juices have also grown,” said Kotrikadze.

He continued by saying that Georgian products can only make an impression on foreign markets with their quality.

“The only way to gain recognition on foreign markets is to offer them quality products. As a small marketplace, Georgia cannot produce large amounts of products and cannot ensure a continuous production line. Small portions but high quality products exported abroad would really gain customers’ trust,” Kotrikadze said.

“Another factor that would help Georgian products be better positioned on international markets would be to be associated with our country. By that I mean using Georgia’s reputation as a country that produces quality, healthy products; a country which is rich in natural resources, rich in water. We can sell the concept of the history of Georgia and get a profit,” he added.

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