Georgian domestic exports are down by 14.7% in Jan-Aug 2020

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The FINANCIAL — National Statistics Office of Georgia published data of Domestic exports of Georgia (January – August 2020). In January-August 2020 the exports of Georgia (excluding non-declared exports) equaled USD 2 071.4 million, 14.7 percent lower year-on-year. Share of the domestic exports in total export constituted 51.0 percent and amounted to USD 1 055.8 million, 2.7 percent lower to the January-August 2019.

In January-August 2020 the share of the top ten trading partners by domestic exports in the total domestic exports of Georgia amounted to 72.7 percent. The top partners were Russia (USD 240.8 million), Turkey (USD 118.6 million) and Bulgaria (USD 77.4 million).

The share of domestic exports (export of locally produced goods and services, including those of foreign origin that have been substantially changed through local processing) in total exports constituted 51 per cent and amounted to $1.05 billion, 2.7 percent lower to the January-August 2019. In January-August 2020 ferroalloys reclaimed the first place in the list of top export items, equalling $144.9 million, or 13.7 per cent of total exports. The exports of wine of fresh grapes totalled $121.5 million and their share in the total exports amounted to 11.5 per cent. The exports of precious metal ores and concentrates occupied the third place standing at $75.2 million and constituting 7.1 per cent of the total exports, according to

The preliminary data will be revised according to the Geostat’s revision policy (based on the regular revision principle) as a result of adjusting data by respondents/administrative sources. Domestic exports include export of goods produced in the country, as well as imported from abroad, the value of which has significantly changed as a result of domestic processing.

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National Statistics Office of Georgia has also published data of indicators of using information and communication technologies (ICT) in households (2020.) According to the “Survey on Information and Communication Technologies Usage in Households” results of 2020, 83.8 percent of Georgian households have internet access, which is 4.6 percentage points higher compared to the previous year. The share of households with internet access increased by 4.6 percentage points for both urban and rural areas and amounted to 90.7 and 74.5 percent, respectively. The value of this indicator by regions is highest in Tbilisi and in Adjara A.R., 93.5 and 91.9 percent, respectively.

Recently National Statistics Office of Georgia published data of Foreign Direct Investments Q2. Foreign direct investments (FDI) in Georgia amounted to USD 237.8 million in Q2 2020 (preliminary data), up 0.5 percent from the adjusted data of Q2 2019. The top three countries that invested the most in the second quarter of 2020 were United Kingdom, Netherlands and Turkey. Read more

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