Georgian Foreign Minister at the joint session of the four parliamentary committees

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The FINANCIAL — On 7 May 2015, Georgian Foreign Minister Tamar Beruchashvili appeared at the joint session of four parliamentary committees dealing with the issues related to foreign relations; diasporas; European integration; restoration of Georgia’s territorial integrity.

Members of the Commission heard reports by the Georgian Foreign Minister, the State Minister on European and Euro-Atlantic Integration and the State Minister for Diaspora Issues, according to MFA Georgia.
In her address Tamar Beruchashvili focused on key priorities of the Georgian Foreign Ministry, including active and dynamic diplomacy to ensure that all international formats and platforms are used to uphold the interests of Georgia and to highlight Georgia as a young democracy and the leader of reforms in the region. The Georgian Foreign Ministry is actively moving ahead towards the further strengthening and development of co-opertaion with the partner countries, according to the Foreign Minister.

Tamar Beruchashvili emphasized the progress the country has achieved on the European integration path. Currently Georgia and the European Union enjoy a qualitatively new and far higher level of co-operation and partnership from political, economic, as well as institutional standpoint.

“The enforcement of Association Agreement serves the goal of modernization, reformation and development of Georgia” – the Minister said. She also spoke about the visa liberalization process, which, according to her, has been successfully conducted and this progress is recognized by the European Union as well. “At the Riga Summit we all anticipate the recognition of Georgia’s success and reforms and it goes just beyond rhetoric. The Riga Summit should demonstrate to us that the European Union remains committed to the policy it has worked out for the eastern neighbourhood, despite the background against which the Riga Summit is due to take place” – Tamar Beruchashvili noted.
She also focused on the Foreign Ministry’s strategy regarding Georgia’s integration with the NATO, on Georgia’s occupied regions, as well as on the need to activate diplomatic efforts to place these issues high on the international agenda. The Minister answered question of the deputies regarding the Georgian-Russian relations.

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