Georgian Railway Talked Social Awareness Initiatives at 110th Anniversary

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The FINANCIAL — Georgian Railway’s General Director Mamuka Bakhtadze spoke about the company’s new social awareness initiatives at Railway’s Workers Union 110th anniversary celebration.

Bakhtadze emphasised three priorities for the Georgian Railway: healthcare, education, and improvement of working conditions.

In terms of healthcare, apart from the corporate insurance packages Georgian Railway is allocated about 1 million GEL today; the amount is expected to double by next year.

In the future Georgian Railway also plans to finance the education of their workers’ children. At this point, GR already finances bachelor’s, master’s and Phd’s for Railway workers’ offspring.

Georgian Railway is also planning to improve its co-workers bonus benefit packages.

One such way of awarding the Railway’s best performers was giving out the titles of “Honored Railway Worker” and the financial award of 500 lari.

The ceremony was held for the Georgian Railway’s 110th anniversary celebration. GR’s many partner companies were present at the ceremony, including companies from Hungary, Finland, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Estonia, and Lithuania.

Starting 2000, Georgian Railway became part of the UK’s International Transport Federation.


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