Getting Back On Your Feet After A Crisis

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Perhaps the key word of 2020 has been “crisis”. Yes, for sure, we could come up with some other contenders for the title, but let’s be frank: all of the big turning points of this year have fallen under the banner of crisis for one reason or another. From the pandemic itself to the jobs lost because of it; from the public health issues to the very personal pain that people have experienced as a result; all of it has meant crises for a majority of the world.

It’s indisputable that this year has been hard, and it’s likely that it will continue to be so, and things aren’t going to suddenly change when 2021 is upon us, either. So if this year has been tough and you have had a crisis of one sort or another, be honest with yourself. This has been an enormously brutal year, and just getting through it is a show of strength. And below, we’ll look at the most important thing in any crisis – getting back on your feet and bouncing back

If you have lost a job… 

Without wishing to go into the details again, this year has been a dramatic experience for just about everyone, and for many of us it has meant the loss of part or all of our income. It’s unavoidable that this will happen amid an economic shock, but if you’re quick to look for something new you can lessen the impact. Call friends from college, sign up to every recruitment agency, explore every avenue for getting back in work. Is your resume up to date? Send it far and wide. Is honor society legit? Sign up and benefit from their help, and look down every avenue for something new.

If you have been ill…

Of course in the present time, there seems to be reduced bandwidth in the public consciousness for any illness that is not Covid-19. However, people are getting ill with other conditions all the same. It’s not a pleasant time to experience health issues, but right now what is important is to ensure that you treat any illness with the optimum level of care. Don’t try to bounce back too soon, let your recovery be full and complete. If you need to go to hospital, take the necessary health precautions and go – your health does not matter less now than it has before. Get better thoroughly; the pace of it is less important.

If you have lost someone…

There has been a very common response to the statistical information that has come out during this pandemic. People are quick to say that in most cases, those who are dying were old or sick and were not long for this world anyway. This is broadly untrue and, even if it were, the way in which people have departed this year is not how it would have happened “anyway”. It’s reasonable, if you have lost someone this year, to feel distraught and somewhat lost. Nobody can tell you how to grieve, so don’t feel that you need to hurry things or take a certain path through the experience. It’s more important that you find a way you can be at peace with things.

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