Gia Gvaramia Clinic Expanding with New Branches in Tbilisi

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Gia Gvaramia Clinic, one of the leading aesthetic medicine centres in Georgia, plans to expand in the capital city of Tbilisi by opening new branches.

“We are planning to open a new branch in Gldani district and another one in the east part of the city. Expansion is important to us since we are doing our best to make our services more easily accessible to our customers thereby saving their time and offering them desirable services at desirable locations. As of today, Gia Gvaramia Clinic is represented by 10 branches throughout the capital city,” said Tamar Gvaramia, founder and director of the company.

Gia Gvaramia Clinic has been operating on the Georgian market since 2000 and offers a variety of services within the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery and other aesthetic procedures.

Thanks to highly qualified, friendly staff and comfortable, pleasant atmosphere the clinic offers, it achieved substantial success. Gia Gvaramia Clinic gained recognition from the Golden Brand awards and became the N1 aesthetic medicine centre in Georgia – the favourite brand of over 100 experts and thousands of customers in the field of aesthetic medicine. 

“First of all I would like to thank the organisers of the event, experts and customers who nominated us as the best brand. This kind of recognition is very important to our entire team. Three pillars – professionalism, quality and integrity make Gia Gvaramia Clinic distinguished on the market. The Golden Brand award further motivates us to maintain and develop the quality of the service, introduce and implement cutting edge technologies and to constantly offer our customers pleasant novelities,” said Gvaramia.

Gvaramia mentioned that over the years the Georgian market has been growing and the field of aesthetic medicine has been developing at a fast pace.

“This trend has made the market rather competitive, enabling customers to choose from a variety of options/services. Georgia is a growing marketplace and the degree of competition in our segment is very high. How does one compete with others and maintain the leading position? The answer is simple – professional and responsible staff. As the number customers is increasing every year, the number of our staff has risen tenfold. Also, customers’ awareness about different aesthetic procedures has also been raised,” Gvaramia said.

“Overall, I can say that Georgia is the leading country in the region in terms of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine. This attracts the attention of foreign patients as well,” she added.

Q. What are the most popular plastic surgery and aesthetic procedures in Georgia as of today?

A. Rhinoplasty and breast correction share the first place. After that I would single out body correction procedures such as abdominoplasty and liposuction. Lately, surgeries like eyelid correction, lower body part lifts are also rapidly gaining popularity.

As for non-surgical procedures, both injectable and non-injectable anti-age treatments are quite popular.  Recently introduced non-surgical lifting – the high intensity focused ultrasound lift has become the hit of the season. It is the only non-invasive treatment for lifting the skin on décolletage, neck, face and even body and the results are quite similar to those of the surgery.

Laser hair removal is also much in demand.

Q. What innovative services do you offer customers by introducing to the Georgian market?

A. We were first to introduce laser and ultrasound liposuction, facial plastic with endoscopic methods, facial skin laser dermabrasion, wrinkle correction with botulinum toxin injections, ultherapy and many other procedures.

Q. How many plastic surgery procedures are carried out at Gia Gvaramia Clinic annually?

A. We conduct about 600 plastic surgeries annually. The number of surgeries increases from year to year; we’ve had an 8% increase in 2018 compared to 2017.

The majority (90%) of our patients are women, aged 23-65. The share of male patients has also grown rapidly in recent years.

While most of our patients are local, about one per cent is from foreign countries.

Q. What are the challenges that your clinic faces and how would you like the market to develop ideally?

A. Despite the fact that plastic surgery and the field of aesthetic medicine are developing at a very good pace, general economic condition of Georgia remains the main challenge.

Unfortunately, Georgia is not an advanced economy and not everyone can afford the services we offer.

In terms of economic activity, we do not face any artificial obstacles and in this respect we do have full freedom. This is reflected in our activity and policy – expansion, opening of additional branches and making new investments.

As already mentioned, the degree of competition is quite high in Georgia, and provided that external factors do not interfere with the free market conditions, I believe the field of aesthetic services will develop even faster and will create more jobs as a result.

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