Giorgi Gakharia Attended New Juice Production Company Chero Opening Ceremony

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The FINANCIAL — Natural juices by the Chero, which are produced using aseptic technique, entered the Georgian market.

The project, with the investment value of 25 million GEL, is being implemented by the JSC Georgian Beer Company within the state program Produce in Georgia. The Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, Giorgi Gakharia and the Minister of Agriculture, Levan Davitashvili attended the opening ceremony.

Additional 100 new work places were created in Zedazeni within the project. According to Giorgi Gakharia, the state participation in the project amounts to approximately 3 million Euro, according to Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia.

“This is a very important project since we always highlight that Georgian products should be of high quality, competitive and export-oriented and therefore, this project is an excellent example. This technology is not used anywhere in the region. Aseptic technique is the most advanced beverage production technology, and this will have a synergy effect since it will encourage the production of agricultural products. It will also result in creation of new work places, which is of outmost importance as well” – Giorgi Gakharia stated.  

According to the Minister, import amounting to about 20 million USD is being implemented in this segment and there is a huge export opportunities as well. “Free trade regimes with different countries, various mechanisms of supporting local production and export, which we are currently implementing are focused on exporting Georgian products as well as providing local markets with high quality Georgian production” – the Minister noted.

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Aseptic technology is unprecedented in the region. This technology enables cold processing of raw materials and there is no need for from preserving agents, juices are natural, they retain all the vitamins, natural taste and hale.

“New, very interesting and high quality brand Chero entered the Georgian market, which is a production line of highest standards that produced eco-juices. It is very important in terms of Georgian agro-production development and improving of its competitiveness” – Levan Savitashvili stated. 

Innovative natural juice production involves ultramodern technique and machinery, which enables to produce a high-class, high quality and competitive Georgian product. During the first year of production, the company will bottle about 10 million liters of various juices though the company is capable to increase the production 3 times. The production are intended to enter international as well as local markets. 

The company aims to export its production to Armenia, Azerbaijan, the USA, European countries and the CIS markets upon the close cooperation with the international trade networks.


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