Global Index Ranks Countries Best Equipped to Thrive in the Face of Unprecedented Change

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The FINANCIAL — KPMG International on June 30 released its 2015 Change Readiness Index (CRI), ranking 127 countries for their capacity to prepare for and respond to accelerating change brought about by everything from natural disasters and economic and political shocks, to long term trends such as demographics, and new technologies.

Produced in partnership with Oxford Economics, the CRI is the only global study of its kind, designed for use by both the public and private sectors to better inform decisions on policy making and investments. The release of the CRI comes as United Nations member states prepare to adopt Sustainable Development Goals in September that will help guide policies for the next 15 years.
Revealing Insights into Countries’ Capacity for Change

The 2015 CRI provides unique and in some cases unexpected insights with smaller, less wealthy and resource-endowed countries often outperforming larger economies on key measures of change readiness.

“The CRI shows that there are no absolutes when it comes to change readiness,” said Timothy Stiles, Global Chair for International Development Assistance Services (IDAS), KPMG International. “A country’s wealth is certainly a contributing factor, but many countries compensate for lesser wealth with robust governance, a strong social foundation, and a positive business environment.”

“A revealing trend from this year’s CRI is that countries with higher scores for more inclusive economies tend to perform better in the Index, while conversely, income inequality tends to be associated with low change readiness,” noted Stiles. “In fact the nine countries ranked highest for inclusive growth are all in the top 15 of the Index. It sends a clear message that policies promoting inclusive growth can help countries be more equipped to manage inevitable change.”
Top Ranked Countries for Change Readiness

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The CRI was expanded to 127 countries for 2015, from the 90 countries included in the study’s 2013 ranking. In the 2015 Index, Singapore repeated its number one ranking from 2013, while Northern and Western European countries dominated the top 20 overall:

Hong Kong
United Arab Emirates
New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States


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