GLOSSY Magazine on its Ambitious Plans for Online Content

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GLOSSY Magazine, the influential Georgian lifestyle and fashion magazine, plans to develop online content and will be emerging from quarantine with a variety of interesting video projects for its subscribers to enjoy. According to Tako Khelaia, Director and Editor in Chief of GLOSSY Magazine, although this is still a hard time for businesses in terms of recovering from the pandemic situation, print and online media are irreplaceable when it comes to brand promotion. According to Mrs. Khelaia, summer 2020 will be a challenging time for the media, however this period will see rapid development of the sector as bridges are built between print and online businesses.

“Whereas just a year ago many businesses in the industry were reluctant to develop online platforms, the situation with the pandemic has now forced many of them to move half (or even all) of their content online,” Khelaia said.

“As GLOSSY magazine has been working on print up until now, we decided to take a step forward and offer our clients promotional packages together with videos. For these past two months we have been working more on our website and social media channels, improving their quality and content, yet we will be continuing to issue the print version of our magazine. We believe that no matter the situation, people will always choose to read magazines and newspapers.”

According to Khelaia, finding a sizable audience has not been a problem for publishers. Hunger for news in a time of crisis has sent droves of readers to many publications. But with businesses paused or closed and no longer willing or able to pay for advertisements, a crucial part of the industry’s support system has cracked.

How diverse are the promotional packages that GLOSSY Magazine offers its clients?

GLOSSY is a GLOSSY CORPORATION business publication written expressly for opinion leaders, the fashion industry, tourism sector and top business decision-makers. Having the most extensive distribution network in Georgia, GLOSSY is delivered free of charge to more than 1,000 companies.

We are proud of our distribution which covers nearly all the top companies and their CEOs around Georgia. We are a publication but offer video production to companies as well as digital campaigns for social networks with a minimum of 150,000 followers and via our website: We can organize photo-shoots with professional models, and have experienced reporters who create interesting content for our advertisers.

What makes GLOSSY Magazine special?

GLOSSY is an influential Georgian fashion and lifestyle magazine, founded in 2017. The magazine follows the country’s social elite, covering news of the local social scene, as well as the traditions of Georgian high society. It has become known for its distinctive photo sessions, interviews with ambassadors of different countries, wealthy lifestyle topics and reviews of the latest car models. The magazine is always the first to give a full review of the newest beauty and fashion trends; sets new trends itself; discovers promising names in the industry; and dictates the highest standards. To appear within the pages of GLOSSY is recognition of the highest order in the fashion industry of Georgia for designers, models, actors, photographers and authors. We discover successful people, successful businesses, and interesting developments on the social and fashion scenes in Georgia.

What are GLOSSY’s plans for the nearest future? What innovations do you have planned for the coming years?

We are well known for organizing big events and presentations, which we invite various special guests and business people to. Of course this direction of GLOSSY’s business will continue to develop further as we plan to keep on organizing even bigger events in the future. By the end of July we are planning to issue our special, Italian issue of GLOSSY Magazine and are arranging an open-air ‘Italian Mood’ event. We will be inviting our partners, clients and subscribers to this, all of whom will have the opportunity to enjoy an exclusive fair of Italian industry products; choose summer accessories from the selection on display; sample cocktails; enjoy good music; and be the first to flip through the latest edition of GLOSSY’s Italian issue.

What does being a partner of Golden Brand Awards mean?

As everyone already knows, Golden Brand awards ceremony is often referred to as “the Oscars of the business world”, and has been held every year since 2006. Everyone wants to be associated with these ‘Oscars’, especially as they so successfully support both local and international businesses. Golden Brand is the most prestigious and powerful business award in Georgia. So, as Golden Brand winners proudly use the Golden Brand trademark in their marketing and PR activities, GLOSSY as its media partner is very proud to be among the list of GB supporters. Golden Brand’s value is certainly priceless. It increases customer confidence and trust, whilst making the brand an international trademark which can later be used successfully by both Georgian and international brands.

The GLOSSY team will always be there to support Golden Brand. We wish continued success to these most prestigious of awards and can’t wait for the upcoming awards ceremony and red carpet event to be held soon!

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