Goga Samushia of Commersant: ‘Thematic Diversity Is Our Top Priority Now’

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Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Media Holding Commersant Goga Samushia says that thematic diversity is ‘our top priority now’. Samushia promises that multimedia business platform Commersant will offer a wide variety of programmes, viewpoints and content, and reflect the diversity of audiences in its operations.

“Along with traditional business directions, we have already begun offering listeners programmes on technology and cybersecurity, which aroused great interest.We are also working with the Atlantic Council of the United States on a programme on global political and economic security, hybrid and trade wars.We will launch a project on business strategies in the near future. This will be an analysis of business cases implemented in the Georgian reality, commented on by an expert with global experience”, Samushia said.

Georgia is going to the polls in October 2020 to elect the country’s next convocation of parliament. During the campaign period, Commersant will give a platform to all candidates to introduce themselves to the audience and present their economic programmes or initiatives.

“An interesting period awaits us”, Samushia said.

Commersant began its activities on the Georgian market with a radio station that opened in August 2008. Since then the radio has gained popularity and recognition among Georgian listeners and the time has now come for its further development.

The Commersant holding includes news site commersant.ge and a newspaper. The radio station is broadcast in Tbilisi and in all of Adjara (FM 95.3), Kutaisi (FM 93.9) and Zugdidi (FM 99.1).

How has the coronavirus pandemic affected the activities of Commersant?

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about some changes in our work process as well as in our future plans.

The remote preparation of most of the content of Commersant is already our daily reality. This, on the other hand, has created new opportunities. It has become possible to prepare a variety of thematic programmes with live broadcasts from experts and other correspondents.

The content of existing programmes has changed a little bit. We try to show businesses successful examples of overcoming the crisis and solving problems. We are not giving up! With this attitude, business must organize itself in a way so that the economy returns to growth in time. Accordingly, our company will return to its further development plans.

What are the challenges that coronavirus brought to Commersant?

The challenge for Commersant as a business entity was the same as for Georgian business in general.
With the decline in business activity, the advertising market instantly declined, hence the revenue in the media, the main source of funding for which is advertising.

Nevertheless, Commersant has managed to fully maintain all jobs.

As for the daily work process, Commersant worked in compliance with all standards and recommendations, some employees performed their work remotely. Meanwhile, employees whose presence at the office was needed were provided with a safe working environment.

What is the main principle of work at Commersant?

The main principle of the work of Commersant is to provide practical and useful information to listeners and readers.

We strive to be a partner of businesses in terms of providing them with reliable information. The quality of information, reliability and speed of delivery is important.

It is important that our channel be a valuable component of the country’s business environment.

Commersant is a partner of local business awards ceremony Golden Brand. Why have you been a supporter of the events for so many years?

This is the fourth year already that we have been cooperating with Global Idea and The FINANCIAL. And I think that this cooperation has been very successful.
The award ceremony of Golden Brand is a stimulus for the development of businesses.

The pandemic has somehow encouraged local production and business initiatives. I hope many new Georgian brands will appear on the Georgian market this year which later will become winners of the Golden Brand.

It is important for Commersant to support Golden Brand in discovering new businesses and in supporting them.

We are glad and proud to be the partner of such an influential business awards ceremony. To summarise, I’d like to end with the traditional slogan: ‘More Georgian brands for the Georgian Market’.

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