Golden Brand 2016 Official Promo

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Golden Brand Award Ceremony dates back to 2006. The project was initiated by The FINANCIAL and Global Idea, one of the leading marketing research companies in Georgia. Event was initially supported by the Ministry of Economy of Georgia, Business Federation of Georgia, American Chamber of Commerce, National Bank of Georgia, Tbilisi City Hall and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Georgia. 
Today, Golden Brand is the most prestigious and influential business awards in Georgia and South Caucasus. Golden Brand trade mark is registered and Sakpatent and used for marketing purposes by more that 100 companies.
Golden Brands are selected by professors lecturers of higher educational institutions, company managers, specialists of business administration, consulting groups, representatives of state and non-state business organizations, experts of the economic sphere. 
Award Ceremony always falls under the attention of media and business circles. At the event, the journalists have a great opportunity to meet business leaders, marketing and PR managers of various companies and get the latest information about their current and future prospects.

International calls: +995 555 96 52 52 
Local: + 995 599 32 04 35 

ADDRESS: 17 Mtskheta Str. Tbilisi Georgia


Golden Brand 2015 Winners 

  1. Gino Paradise , Sport and Wellness center
  2. Aspria Fitness, Fitness Club
  3. Sarajishvili, Alcoholic Beverages
  4. Sloboda, Mayonnaise
  5. Clean World, Professional cleaning company
  6. Prince Gurieli, Georgian Tea
  7. PSP, Pharmaceutical Company
  8. Nikora, Meat Production
  9. Nabeghlavi, Mineral Water
  10. Georgian House, Restaurant
  11. Formula Gas, Network of gas station  
  12., Food delivery service
  13., Online gambling
  14. Caucasus Travel, Tourist Company
  15., Online Credits
  16. Algani, Security service
  17. Lisi Development, Development Company
  18. Laboratory My Home, Furniture and Accessories
  19. Geocell, Employer of the year
  20. Kula, Juice producer
  21. Dressup Group, Clothes Shoes  and  accessoires
  22. Shvidi, Raw materials for food industry
  23. Cherie, Georgian coffee production
  24. Tbilvino
  25. Wine Brand
  26. Nikora, Supermarket
  27. Toyota Center Tegeta, Auto Salon
  28. Entree, Network of bakery shops
  29. Suneli, Spices and sauces – production, retail  
  30. Termo Center, Central heating, water supply systems
  31. Marshe, Winner of the Best Food Enterprise of the Year (2015) Competition , within the Food Safety project of Eurasia Fund
  32. Jacobs Monarch, Coffee 
  33. Barambo, Chocolate
  34. Ipkli, Bakery
  35. Lc Waikiki, Children’s clothes and accessories
  36. Elit Electronics, Network of electric appliances
  37. 2 200 200, Taxi
  38. Swiss Capital, Micro-Finance organization
  39. Alta Software, Software Golden Brand
  40. Medi, Esthetic Medicine Clinic
  41. Swiss Capital, Auto leasing
  42. Kordzadze Law Office, Legal Company
  43. Popi (Ice Cream) – Special nomination – Discovery of the year  


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