The FINANCIAL - Barambo to Increase its Export Market in 2014

Barambo to Increase its Export Market in 2014

Barambo to Increase its Export Market in 2014

The FINANCIAL -- Barambo, the largest producer of quality chocolate confectionary products in Georgia, plans to increase its production by introducing new kinds of sweets and expanding its ice-cream production line. The company also plans to implement different projects, including charity ones. This year Barambo will be increasing its PR and marketing activities as well.

“Currently Barambo holds the leading position on the Georgian market, with a market share of 30-45 percent,” said Mari Chocheli, Financial Director of Barambo. “After the governmental changes, Barambo was sequestered. This hampered the company’s development and the implementation process of different large-scale projects. Because of the sequestration we could not take part in different tenders announced by the state as well as private companies. Accordingly, I cannot say that the business is completely free now. The sequestration has been a kind of constraint on the company which was preventing us from working at our most successfully, but recently situation is improving” she added.

After signing the Association Agreement Barambo is ready to become a part of the European market. “We make the highest quality products which meet world standards. We welcome any possibility which gives us the chance to export our production to the European market. In 2014 Barambo took part in the exhibition GULFOOD, which is held in Dubai annually. The producers of sweets and beverages from around the world come to attend this exhibition, where many countries expressed an interest in Barambo. We are currently negotiating with them and in the near future we intend to increase our export market. At the moment Barambo exports its production only to its neighbouring countries,” said Chocheli.

Barambo has increased its product range; new kinds of sweets have been added in the confectionery as well as ice-cream directions. “We offered our customers such brand new products as the chocolate assortment ‘Discover Georgia’. The milk chocolate ‘Barambino Heri Heri’ for children was issued in 2013. Also, the premium brand of homemade chocolate cafe-shop ‘El Dorado’ was opened in Tbilisi, a novelty on the Georgian market. In the summer season we introduced the children’s ice cream ‘Barambino’ as well as the ice-cream ‘Season’ for those who are fasting. One particularly important summer project for Georgian customers was our ‘Barambo Ice-Cream Lottery’. Prizes included the latest models of cars, mobile phones, computers, TVs, even tickets to Disneyland! There was another interesting project called ‘Barambo’s Adventure’, which is a book of fairytales written specially for children,” said Chocheli.

Barambo is constantly involved in different kinds of cultural and social activities. In 2013 the company supported the tour of the ensemble Erisioni and concerts dedicated to the anniversary of Jemal Chkuaseli (the head of the ensemble). The project ‘Barambo Ice-Cream Festival’ was implemented in different regions, where a play of the popular children’s character - Barambino - was performed. Barambo was a sponsor of the international festival of classic music. Barambo also supported different children’s Olympics. Various events were held, such as exhibitions and poetry nights, with the support of Barambo. “We allocated GEL 100,000 worth of Barambo sweets for charity activities. Barambo bought two flats for large families as part of its charity actions. We pay a great deal of attention to social projects. Barambo always donates presents to socially vulnerable people and to those with disabilities, to the elderly and to homeless children. The company is actively involved in many charity activities overall,” said Chocheli.

In 2013 the company was awarded the prize for registering the most trademarks. Barambo became a winner of the Golden Brand Award Ceremony for the 4th time.

“Golden Brand is an appreciated form of recognition for us as well as a large responsibility. We spread the news about receiving this award to society and provided all the information on the subject. Georgians love Barambo, which is tasty, trustworthy, good quality and affordable. That is the reason why Barambo has been given a Golden Brand Award so many times,” she said.

“In 2009, when Barambo first started its Georgian sweets production, it was very difficult to achieve leading positions on the market. But the company was prepared for any challenges at the time. An enterprise of such scale did not exist in the region. The quality of the production was the main reason for Barambo’s popularity along with its constant control plus professional staff and correct management. It is precisely our top quality which provides our competitive advantage. We are closer to Georgian customers and every product is adjusted to their tastes and needs. Barambo’s production range is delicious and authentically Georgian. The supremely high quality of Barambo’s production is proven by its ISO 2009 & ISO 22000 certificate,” said Chocheli.

“In the very beginning Barambo was identified as children oriented brand, but soon we changed our campaign, we explained carefully to our consumers that Barambo is mass brand, creating products for all type of consumers. For clear segmentation Barambo created sub brands for each segment group. For example Barambino was created for children, all product included in this family group is 100% organic. We Created Eldorado for more premium class oriented consumers; here we offer high quality handmade chocolates. For Barambo we had very interesting campaign in 2013, to emphasize quality of Barambo products we created commercial video, that gave clear information how Barambo producta are produced from very beginning to the end, how we receive ingredients from Belgium and how we produce them in our high technologically developed factory” she added

“We are happy that the culture of branded sweets is becoming more popular in Georgia as well. We may make any product in accordance with our customers’ design preference and choice. We have thematic production as well for the New Year and Easter periods. We hope that this tendency will continue into the future as well,” she said.