Tabla - Much More than a Restaurant

Tabla - Much More than a Restaurant

The FINANCIAL -- Georgian restaurant Tabla was opened in 2013 and is the third successful project of the International Corporation ICR in the field of gastronomy. The company previously presented the French boulangerie Cafe La France and Italian pizzeria and steak house Pomodorissimo. Tabla has gained huge popularity among its Georgian as well as foreign guests soon after its opening. Today it is the favourite place for gatherings, entertainment as well as business meetings. The main goal of the restaurant is to portray Georgia’s culture, hospitality and culinary appeal to its guests.

The two-storey restaurant is located in the centre of Tbilisi, on Chavchavadze Avenue. It can accommodate 220-260 guests. The first floor is designed in the Georgian ‘old pub’ style; Georgian brick and cobbles dominate the interior. Old Georgian traditional accessories give a classic feel to the environment. An open kitchen located on the first floor of the restaurant allows guests to witness or participate in the bread baking and barbecuing processes.

On the second floor you enter a completely different environment. There is a smaller hall designed in an Asian style. Carved shutters, a wine cellar, a photo collage from old Georgian films, soft chairs and a bar arranged in the old Georgian style of furnished balconies provide a really wonderful atmosphere. The small hall is linked to the main hall by an arch. Here the interior is in the XIX century Tavaduri (prince) style. An open fireplace sits in the middle of the hall. Georgian folk music is performed live. Rolling shutters allow for the division of the two parts of the hall.

Tabla is well-known for its natural products delivered from various regions of Georgia.

The restaurant is an ideal place for both formal and informal events. It is open  for corporate parties, birthdays, weddings and business meetings. Tabla is known for its catering service, which distinguishes itself not only in terms of great taste of food, but also by design and the way food is presented.

For those, holding celebrations at home, Tabla offers the service of “Tabla Diasakhlisi”. Delicious food ordered for special price by the customer will be delivered directly to the location of the celebration.

Tabla offers gastronomic tours and culinary master classes to foreign guests as well as local gourmets. Experienced cooks introduce specific features of Georgian cuisine and teach the cooking process of traditional dishes.

Attractive location, distinctive and original setting, staff dressed in elegant, traditional Georgian robes, high quality service, a diverse musical programme and most importantly, delicious Georgian cuisine - all of this is the answer to the question: “Why choose restaurant Tabla?”


Author: Madona Gasanova