Pampers Recognized as the Favorite Brand in Diapers

Pampers Recognized as the Favorite Brand in Diapers

The FINANCIAL -- Most recently, Pampers debuted at the Golden Brand Awards Ceremony this year and was recognized by the panel of experts as the favorite diapers brand of 2014.

Pampers is the best known Brands of P&G- one of the leading international companies in worldwide.

The company is committed to creating an environment that will improve the lives of the world’s consumers, now and generations to come.

It strives to manufacture and develop consumer goods with the highest quality and to help the consumers understand and receive maximum information about its goods.

Diplomat Georgia, the official distributor of P&G products in Georgia, is supplying the products throughout the country, even in very remote locations, making Pampers easily accessible for the buyers.

A lot of activities were organized in 2014 aiming to increase the consumer awareness on the quality and benefits of Pampers.


Author: Galt & Taggart