PASHA Bank Supporting Businesses in Georgia

PASHA Bank Supporting Businesses in Georgia

The FINANCIAL -- One of the leading banks of Azerbaijan - PASHA Bank - is supporting and contributing to the growth and development of the business sector in Georgia.

For the second consecutive year PASHA Bank has been the special partner of the most influential and prestigious annual business awards ceremony in Georgia - Golden Brand.

Golden Brand has been awarding locally-operating companies for their various achievements since 2006.

In an interview with The FINANCIAL, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of PASHA Bank, Shahin Mammadov once again underlined the Bank’s readiness to contribute to the development and growth of local business, including partnering the Golden Brand Awards Ceremony.

“We are glad to have the opportunity to be partners of Golden Brand Awards for the second time already. We believe this annual event serves all the winners and nominees as additional motivation for developing their business and achieving more. This year I was honoured to award six Golden Brand prize-winning companies. PASHA Bank gladly supports such initiatives and wishes all winner companies success in their activities,” Mammadov told The FINANCIAL.

Being a Baku-based financial institution, PASHA Bank has been providing corporate and investment banking services to large and medium-sized enterprises in Georgia since 2013. The slogan of the Bank is ‘New heights. Together.’ And as Mr. Mammadov said, supporting customers and achieving success together with them is the main goal of the Bank.

“By providing high quality corporate and investment banking services and financing large projects in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkey we contribute to the development of the regional economy. Doubling our portfolio which was increased from GEL 55 million to GEL 110 million in 2015 is a reflection of that. This year, along with providing the financial services to locally operating companies, we also helped them to issue bonds, which is a very important step ahead for the businesses as it helps to diversify the financial resources,” Mr. Mammadov said.

While supporting the business awards ceremony that recognises the most successful companies in Georgia, PASHA Bank itself received an international business award on 18 April, 2016.

In this short time, the Bank has been awarded various international designations, one of them being the Global Banking and Finance Review Award. This year Global Banking and Finance Review Awards named PASHA Bank the Fastest Growing Corporate Bank in Georgia for the second year in a row.

Since its inception, Global Banking and Finance Review Awards has reflected the innovation, achievement, progressive and inspirational changes taking place within the global financial community. The Awards were created to recognise companies of all sizes which are prominent in particular areas of expertise and excellent within the financial world.

“For a young company like PASHA Bank this award is a proof that we are moving in the right direction and the team does its best to reach new heights together. We strive to contribute to the growth and development of the Georgian and regional economy through funding value accretive projects while providing top-quality service both locally and regionally,” said Mr. Mammadov.

“We are committed to our longstanding philosophy of doing business in an ethical, reliable and sustainable manner. International recognitions like this are definitely helping our motivation and self-confidence, which is so important for every young company,” he added.

Q. What activities can you name as an example of supporting business activities in Georgia this year?

A. Our core business implies financing large and medium-sized enterprises for their further development. Therefore most of our work is actually aimed at supporting business activities in Georgia. In parallel with this, we frequently finance various business related conferences and trainings. In this way we think to support the development of professionals working in the business sector, which is most certainly a significant prerequisite of economic development.

This year we exclusively sponsored Business Cafe - a project initiated by one of the leading consulting and recruitment companies in Georgia - Insource. The project aims to organise meetings of top-management representatives from different companies where they will be able to discuss specific work-related subjects and share experience with each other.

On 8 April this year PASHA Bank sponsored the business forum ‘Innovations and Digital Economy’, which was held at the new Tbilisi Technology Park. Georgian companies taking part in the forum presented their recently-implemented successful projects to the audience in attendance. 

“Developing digital technologies and a digital market is very important as it can promote inclusion, efficiency and innovation in Georgia. We are more than happy to have the opportunity to sponsor the Forum and contribute to developing the digital economy in the country, commented Mr. Mammadov. 

Besides partnering the Golden Brand Awards Ceremony we are planning a number of interesting projects this year. Out of them I would single out the Meeting Room project, which implies  a cycle of business conferences focused on different sectors. The first conference is planned for 25 May and its topic will be “Hotel Developments in Georgia – The Best Practices”.  

Q. How many business initiatives did you finance and support last year?

A. Last year PASHA Bank issued more than GEL 60 million worth of loans to various companies. As the information about our customers is confidential I cannot name all the specific companies and examples of how PASHA Bank supported businesses in Georgia last year.

However, I can name the sectors where our customers operate. These sectors are retail and services, mining and mineral processing, real estate, energy; transportation and telecommunications, agriculture and forestry and others.

Q. Why does PASHA Bank consider it so important to support business?

A. We are oriented on developing ourselves as well as caring about the success of our customers. We try to be very attentive while cooperating with them. The interest of our customers is the cornerstone of our corporate strategy. That is why we aim to support the development of our customers. In fact, supporting business activities is our primary function. We help the companies to develop and expand.