Geocell - Very First Holder of Golden Brand Honourable Prize - ‘Employer of the Year’

Geocell - Very First Holder of Golden Brand Honourable Prize - ‘Employer of the Year’

The FINANCIAL -- Geocell, one of the largest mobile communication providers in Georgia, has achieved excellence in providing the best conditions for its employees, establishing and promoting high working standards on the Georgian market. 

As of today, Geocell employs more than 700 people. The company is taking actions to not only create more and more working places, but to offer high quality working conditions for employees and potential candidates.

Chief Executive Officer of Geocell, Pawel Smalinski, told The FINANCIAL that Geocell aims to be the benchmark in the Georgian employment market. 

“It is not only the attractive salary and benefits package that means the company is considered desirable, but also its corporate culture and values, which encourage employees to express themselves freely in open communication and dialogue between management and employees,” said Smalinski.

“The company welcomes the initiatives and values the ideas of each employee.  This is how a sound team is created,” he added.

Being a top employer in Georgia and sharing a high standard of corporate culture among employees is what Geocell focuses on. “This is how the company encourages a sound employment environment,” Smalinski said.

In recognition of its contribution to developing the Georgian labour market and being the best place to work, Geocell has just received the most influential and prestigious award in Georgia - Golden Brand. This is an exceptional award, as such recognition has been made for the first time in Golden Brand history.  

“Over the years we have been recognised as the best in innovations, creative projects, and social responsibility - all of this is associated with Geocell. This year a new and honourable nomination has appeared. And we are extremely proud that Geocell is the very first holder of this honourable prize - “Employer of the Year”!” said Smalinski.

“One of the most important engines for us is our employees - the best and most valuable assets of the company. The high professionalism and passionate, devoted attitude of the whole staff is what takes our company to the next level towards our purpose - bringing the world closer, on the customers’ terms. Today we are proud of our achievements, which we owe to our employees - the power engine of the company. This is indeed a remarkable prize and a well-deserved one!” he added. 

“People create the company, they make it successful. It is due to their high professionalism, dedication and corporate culture that Geocell has received this award for Best Employer. Geocell deserves to be called the best employer of the year for many reasons, but the most important of them all is the respect we build our corporate culture around. We have a strong ambition to develop progressive standards and approach on the Georgian labour market. With this I’d say that Geocell, being an innovator brand, is strengthening the same approach in the Human Resources (HR) field as well,” he added.

Meanwhile, the HR Director of Geocell, Tinatin Bonney, said the Golden Brand Award gave the team of Geocell more motivation to be the best.

“Such encouragement is very important for us, since it gives us even more motivation to be the best. Our employer value proposition is based on respect and transparency, which makes us an invincible team, being a member of which is my absolute pride,” she said.

Smalinski added: “I do believe there are more exciting moments ahead, which we will celebrate with pride all together, with the Geocell team - the best team in the best place to work.”