Georgian House - Introduces Traditional Dishes and Culture to Foreign Guests

Georgian House - Introduces Traditional Dishes and Culture to Foreign Guests

The FINANCIAL -- Georgian house is taking actions to popularise Georgian culture and traditions among local as well as foreign guests, offering a diverse dining experience of the very best standard.

Located on the left side of the river Mtkvari, near the historical part of Georgia’s capital Tbilisi, restaurant Georgian House is a place that encompasses all traditions, offering a high quality style of serving guests, a perfectly designed environment, traditional and European dishes and a saloon-type musical atmosphere for meetings.

Georgian House was established as a high class complex-style restaurant, where different types of halls and a cosy yard with a nice design create an environment where everyone can enjoy themselves and spend their evenings.

Local ensembles and solo singers play the best folk and national songs as well as European film music.

“We have ambitions to serve and popularise Georgian culture and traditions. We cooperate and partner with only high class companies. We constantly try to achieve more and are never satisfied with what we have already done. This is how we manage to provide the best offers and options for both Georgian and foreign guests,” said the founder of Georgian House, Tamar Matikashvili.

The year 2016 started successfully for Georgian House. After ending 2015 with a New Year event, Georgian House started 2016 with ambitious plans and goals. Georgian House management decided to implement new projects this year and attract more guests.

“Georgian House hosts many guests every day so we try to always offer them innovations, different lotteries, beautiful and pleasant celebrations. We want to be involved in implementing cultural events in the country and contribute to showing the best of Georgia,” Matikashvili said.

While talking about the plans for how to attract more guests to the restaurant, Matikashvili noted that the number of guests was increasing last year as well despite the currency crisis and devaluation of the Georgian national currency the Lari. Matikashvili said Georgian House maintained financial stability and attracted more followers through social networks. The number of online orders also increased last year thanks to improved communication with customers, said Matikashvili.

“At the same time we constantly train our managers, cooks and waiters to improve their qualifications. By using modern technologies we try to create a more comfortable environment for guests. Georgian House is a high class restaurant and every guest should feel comfortable here,” Matikashvili said.

“We want to establish a standard that will determine and evaluate the level of the restaurant. This standard should evaluate the service, reliability, food and interior of the restaurant. In Europe it is most prestigious to be a Michelin-starred restaurant. If a similar organisation were to be created in Georgia as well that would protect customers. They would then know for sure what level of service they would be getting, and healthy competition would be created on the market. Ultimately, it would improve the market in general,” she said.

Georgian House received the most prestigious and influential business award Golden Brand for the utmost success the restaurant achieved in 2015.

“We are very glad to receive one more award which is important recognition for us. The Golden Brand statue and diploma are now added to the number of certificates and awards that prove the high quality of Georgian House. Georgian House is a result of the everyday hard work of professionals that have been operating on the market for three years already, keeping high standards during this time. We are motivated to keep Georgian traditions and culture and it is very pleasing to see that people and experts are appreciating our hard work and achievements and have awarded us with Golden Brand. This encourages everyone who works at Georgian House,” Matikashvili said.

Q. How diverse a menu does Georgian House offer its guests? And who are the cooks who create the taste of Georgian House?

A. Our restaurant is distinguished by its beautifully decorated, very delicious traditional and European dishes. A group of professionals work at Georgian House which is the reason for the popularity of the restaurant.

Different menus are offered in the different halls. Customers are free to choose their favourite meal from a variety of 200 dishes. The main thing is that our menu offers only ecologically clean products, the quality of which is checked by a doctor.

Creating a new meal and offering it to guests is a very special process. Guests themselves take part in tasting new meals. If they love a new meal it will then be added to the menu.

Q. Which is the most popular dish at Georgian House?

A. It depends on the season and the mood of the guests. However, we can still name some of the most popular meals, such as the traditional dish ‘Khachapuri’ (cheese-filled bread), ‘Khinkali’ (Georgian dumpling filled with special meat), ‘Pelamushi’ (a porridge dessert made with pressed, condensed grape juice) amongst many others.

Once the beer season starts, guests generally ask for this drink. And when it is fasting time in Georgia fasting dishes are very much in demand.

There are some meals which are in higher demand in winter, for example ‘Chikhirtma’ (a traditional Georgian soup).

The most important thing is that the customers trust our quality. A number of families with kids come to Georgian House. This proves that these families trust us as they bring their most precious people - their children - to us.

Q. Georgian House cooperates with tourist companies, inviting and introducing tourists to Georgian cuisine. What impressions do visitors generally have after tasting Georgian cuisine?

A. Our aim is for more and more tourists to taste Georgian cuisine. We want our foreign guests to be very impressed with Georgia, Georgian hospitality and Georgian art. That is why we try to create a special environment for them. As well as offering them traditional dishes, we also involve our foreign guests in different activities.

We offer them master classes where they can bake Khachapuri, ‘Tonis Puri’ (Georgian bread), roast ‘Mtsvadi’ (a Georgian ‘shashlik’ made from fresh meat on a skewer), cook Khinkali and take part in making vodka and ‘Churchkhela’.

Also, the guests are allowed to dress in traditional Georgian clothes and learn some traditional Georgian dances. They can wear accessories from the 19th century and have memorable photos taken of them.

The feedback is very positive. Our foreign guests say that Georgian House is a high standard restaurant where everything is delicious and very beautiful. They say they would come back to Georgian House again in the future.

Q. Georgian House is a favourite place for many to hold their wedding party and invite their loved ones to. What kind of environment do you offer newlyweds?

A. We declared the year 2015 the year of weddings thanks to the increased number of couples who celebrated their weddings at Georgian House.

We offer couples a designer service; beautifully decorated yard for their wedding signing ceremony; a red carpet; champagne show; a decorated central hall and diverse musical programme. A professional photo and video service are also available at Georgian House. We do our best to make this special day even more vibrant in our guest couples’ lives.

Some people say that their wedding is the most beautiful day of their life. Georgian House proves these words and truly makes it the most beautiful day in many married couples’ lives.

In addition, Georgian House also offers corporate events which are a very popular service at the restaurant.

In total Georgian House can host more than 500 guests at any one time.

Georgian House has no alternative. 

Come and you will also admit that you found your Georgian House.