Lisi Development Helps Georgian Capital Tbilisi to Go Green

Lisi Development Helps Georgian Capital Tbilisi to Go Green

The FINANCIAL -- Lisi Development, the first development company of its kind in Georgia, incorporated in 2010, plans to build new residential complexes in Georgia and offer a different type of architectural style to the capital Tbilisi this year.

Meanwhile, the company is successfully completing all the stages of implementation of its project ‘Lisi Green Town’. Green Town, situated around Lisi Lake on the outskirts of Tbilisi, is attracting more and more customers thanks to the ecologically clean environment Lisi Development created for them.

Lisi Development is engaged in the development of over 350 acres of land around Lisi Lake.

Nodar Adeishvili, General Director at Lisi Development, said the second stage of the Lisi Veranda project was now fully completed. This stage included building four residential houses.

“Last year more than 200 inhabitants were moved to Lisi Green Town. We welcomed all of them with joy. It is very pleasant to see how the demand for an ecologically green environment is increasing in the country,” said Adeishvili.

“We are encouraged to further develop the Lisi Green Town project and build more than 150 residential apartments for customers. These new apartments will be distinguished by their special and new architectural style,” he added.

Lisi Development recently won the most prestigious and influential business award in Georgia - Golden Brand for the second year in a row;

There are a number of reasons behind Lisi Development’s Golden Brand win, of which one of the most important was its new initiative - ‘80/20’. The idea of 80/20 is to allocate 20 percent of its territory for buildings, and the remaining 80 percent - for parks, planting and public spaces.

“We received a Golden Brand award because Lisi Development is a distinguished company on the Georgian market as it is establishing innovative standards,” Nodar Adeishvili, General Director at Lisi Development, told The FINANCIAL.

“We are a green company whose conception is 80/20. Lisi Development is a new standard on the Georgian market. Golden Brand is also a new standard and leader in its sphere. Constant transformation and novelty has always been the main goal of our company and it helped us to be recognized as the best development company at Golden Brand,” he added.

Besides planting trees, Lisi Development is the first company in Georgia to have launched waste sorting. The company has placed special waste containers in different locations on its property, so from now its residents can separate their discarded items.

“We are always looking for new initiatives, which are in line with the concept of Lisi Development and offer an ideal atmosphere for its residents. Having a healthy and clean environment has always been a core principle of the company,” Adeishvili said.

“Lisi Development has been cooperating with local as well as international companies that are dedicated to the production of top quality outdoor ornamental plants. We import unique plants from Italian company Innocenti & Mangoni Piante and plant them in Lisi Veranda and nearby territories. Within the last two months we planted about 2,000 trees and plants around Lisi Lake,” Adeishvili said.

As sustainable development and a green concept are core principles of Lisi Development, Lisi Greens - a subsidiary company of Lisi Development - was created. It is a plant nursery which offers high quality plants from Italy.

Recently Lisi Development received approximately one hectare of land from Tbilisi Town Hall to arrange a modern standard park there, featuring modern parking infrastructure as well. Adeishvili said more than 300 unique Italian trees and decorative bushes will be planted in the park. The greening works of the park will be completed this July. In total five new parks are expected to be built on the territory.

“Each building in Lisi Green Town will have its own park on the opposite side. After completing the second phase we opened a new park where we built new trees together with the inhabitants of Lisi Green Town. These trees are now blossoming,” said Adeishvili.

The concept ‘80/20’ turned out to be commercially profitable as well.

“It is exactly this concept that makes our project so special. A green environment and high quality apartments are a lifestyle, and that’s what our company offers to customers. And yes, this concept is very profitable, and attracts a number of customers to Lisi Green Town,” Adeishvili said.

The main challenge in 2015 was to create even more high quality product in the shortest time period, Adeishvili said. However, the company successfully managed to overcome all the challenges last year. 

Golden Brand is not the only award which has been given to Lisi Development for its unique activities. In 2014 the company was awarded by the Ministry of Environment for the nomination Green Vision at the Georgian Green Business awards ceremony.

Meanwhile, in the years 2013, 2014 and 2015 Lisi Development was awarded the International Property Award in the category: Best Residential Development in Georgia. The European Real Estate Award is considered one of the most prestigious awards in the residential and commercial real estate industry.

Last year Lisi Development won Green Build Award Georgia thanks to the green policy the company implements in Tbilisi.