Live in a Clean World With Us!

Live in a Clean World With Us!

The FINANCIAL -- Clean World is establishing standards on the Georgian market, offering the highest quality cleaning services to over 700 governmental and non-governmental organisations as of today.

Clean World has been providing services and satisfying individual needs for each client since 2005 and the quality of the company defines the unconstrained leadership that Clean World holds in its field.

This is why Clean World was named a favourite brand by more than 100 local experts and won a Golden Brand Award - the most prestigious award in Georgia.

Years of experience and the highest quality of service; variety of services; flexible schedules; individually-chosen prices and payment methods; a well-mannered, professional, experienced and responsible staff - are what make Clean World a distinguished company in its field on the market.

The company also holds International Organisation of Standardisation (ISO) certification.

“Demand for professional cleaning services is growing at a rapid rate nowadays in Georgia. Modern architecture styles with various glass constructions and an abundance of bright colours require specific cleaning methods. Our company accommodates these methods without a problem,” said Director of Clean World Apolon Goletiani.

“Our goal is to maintain long-term partnerships with our clients. Each customer organisation later becomes our partner. We equip our employees with innovating techniques which make their service perfect and also motivates them to improve further,” Goletiani said.

The company’s workforce is ready and able to provide cleaning services for its clients at any time. The price of the service varies and depends on the size of the place.

Goletiani started his business 10-12 years ago at a time when there were no similar companies on the Georgian market.

“I knew that the cleaning sphere would become more in demand after several years and it was time to start this business in Georgia. Now I am pretty satisfied with the decision I made years ago. I see that demand for professional cleaning is increasing,” Goletiani said.

In his words, the state sector contributed much to developing the professional cleaning sphere.

“This was one of the first sectors to be attracted by our service. They get a better, more professional service with fewer expenses. Now they do not have to care about buying the cleaning materials or finding the proper workforce to clean their offices. Now they just control and monitor the process of how our staff are cleaning their areas. Today, about 90 percent of the state sector is our client,” he said.

The year 2015 was full of activities that brought Clean World new success. Clean World moved to a new office, met new employees, and opened a new training centre where the company management started offering trainings to its employees.

“We started the series of trainings ‘Clean the House with Pleasure’. During the training we teach the main concept of cleaning, time management and how to do their work better,” Goletiani said.

Meanwhile this year, after learning the market, the management of Clean World found “many interesting factors”, including discovering that cleaning services have become more popular and the market is becoming more saturated. Following this discovery Clean World started granting a franchise right.

“People are searching for easy solutions. They start to do work that seems easy, but in the sphere of cleaning it is not like this. There are so many details in the cleaning service that are very important to be taken into account before starting your work. Unfortunately, many people do not take these details into account, and cannot provide high quality service which at the same time discourages customers and decreases demand,” Goletiani said.

“This is why we started giving the franchise right. With this decision we started offering companies the right to use our brand name. We give companies a franchise certificate once they complete proper trainings at our training centre and gain proper knowledge. They then know the theoretical and practical skills. We teach them everything which is necessary for the cleaning business,” he added.

In his words, about 60 companies applied to get a franchise but Clean World gave it to only one company.

“This company admits that after getting the franchise its service has become in greater demand. Of course we control the quality that this company provides to its customers because this company uses our name, brand and visual, and the main thing - the 11 years of experience of Clean World,” Goletiani said.

Q. You say Clean World meets the individual demands of customers. What is it they demand?

A. For us our client is number one - the one whose wishes must be maximally satisfied. Our approach is individual for everyone.

First, what we do is that we study the object, discuss the cleaning materials, write an action plan and create the specifics of cleaning. Then our qualified personnel follow this plan.

As for the demand, mainly one-time service is in demand. One-time service is about cleaning an area after renovation, cleaning the facade. Demand is also high for cleaning furniture and cars with eco cleaning solutions which are anti-allergic. With the same solutions it is also possible to clean toys for children. This service is also very popular.

Q. How many people does Clean World employ and how does the company care for its staff?

A. In total we employ 1,500 people.

It does not matter how high quality a technique you offer, if the workforce is not the best, the final result will not be perfect.

We constantly care about improving the skills and qualifications of these 1,500 people. They apply to trainings at our centre. I personally deliver the lectures.

Professionals from Truvox and Karcher, which are suppliers of commercial and industrial floor care machines, also help us in training our employees. They bring new trends and methods of approach. Recently we have started cooperation with the American brand Tornado which is distinguished by its very comfortable cleaning technique.

Q. What is the role of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Clean World? Is it a priority for you?

A. Taking care of the environment is very important for us, it is right there in the name. We cooperate with environment protection organisations and have some serious projects planned in this regard for 2016-2017.

Corporate Social Responsibility is the primary direction of our company.

In a country with a severe lack of job opportunities, our company employs 1,500 people. The management is trying to carefully choose staff members and employ people who are most in need of a job in particular. We employ refugees as well, and our company pays special attention to them.

We also employ students of vocational schools who come in as trainees at first. We teach them, train them and subsequently provide them with jobs in administration.