Toyota Center Tegeta Introducing New Toyota Corolla and Brand New Toyota CHR

Toyota Center Tegeta Introducing New Toyota Corolla and Brand New Toyota CHR

The FINANCIAL -- Toyota CenterTegeta, official dealer of Toyota vehicles and auto products and services provider in Georgia, aims to improve the comfortable environment it provides for its customers and introduce a call center as well as offer loyal discount cards in 2016. Before the year ends the company will have introduced the latest models of Toyota cars as well.

Furthermore, General Director of Toyota Center Tegeta, Davit Tsakadze, told The FINANCIAL that various novelties will be introduced throughout 2016 in a bid to improve services and meet all the needs of customers.

The year 2016 started successfully for Toyota Center Tegeta thanks to recognition from local as well as international organisations awarding the company with certificates and awards.

In response to showing compliance with customer service Toyota Center Tegeta received the Customer Service Standards certificate, followed by the local most influential business award Golden Brand.

“Both recognitions prove that Toyota Center Tegeta has achieved and met European standards in service. This means that we offer high quality service and benefit from a high level of satisfaction from our customers. However, we are constantly trying to improve and fine-tune the service Toyota Center Tegeta provides to its dear customers,” Tsakadze said.

“On the other hand we are extremely proud to receive the Golden Brand award as it proves we have managed to achieve establishing a worthy place on the Georgian market in the shortest period of time. I think it is exactly this fact that drove the more than 100 experts to single out Toyota Center Tegeta from its competitors and name it a favourite brand with the utmost success of 2015,” he added.

This year Toyota Center Tegeta offered new vehicles such as a new model of the Toyota Rav4 and the Toyota Fortuner, which “appeared for the first time at our showroom”.

“This year we plan to introduce Toyota Corolla’s new model and brand new model of Toyota CHR,” Tsakadze said.

As of today, Toyota Center Tegeta serves about 7,000 clients which the company considers members of its family.

“What is most memorable from the year 2015 is that we gained the huge trust of our customers. Following this trust we attracted more and more customers and enjoyed doubled numbers of clients last year,” he said.

“This was also positively reflected in the number of sales. I can proudly say that the sales of vehicles and number of customers in after Sales direction is increasing smoothly month by month” he said.

“This enables us to invest more in meeting and satisfying our customers’ needs,” he added.

In the summer of 2013 Toyota Caucasus announced a competition to select a new dealer. Tegeta Motors participated in this competition along with four other Georgian companies and won the deal.

So After This “Toyota Center Tegeta” became a new official dealer of Toyota brand in Georgia.

Since then Toyota Center Tegeta started offering customers all the models of Toyota in Georgian market, such as : Yaris; Corolla; Avensis; Camry; Prius; Rav4; Prado; LC200; Highlander; LC 70; Hiace; Coaster; and, Hilux.

Today Tsakadze positively praises their cooperation with Tegeta Motors, saying that it was beneficial for both companies to establish ties.

“It was very important for us to establish cooperation with Tegeta Motors for developing Toyota Center Tegeta. 20 years of experience in the automobile sphere of Tegeta Motors contributed much to developing our company and gaining the trust of thousands of customers. Now we do not have the right to disprove the high quality implemented by Tegeta Motors,” Tsakadze said.

Increasing awareness and positioning itself on the Georgian market were the main challenges for Toyota Center Tegeta in 2015.

“As the company has been operating on the Georgian market for a year and half we aimed to increase awareness of Toyota Center Tegeta and gain the trust of our customers. Meanwhile, we implemented Toyota’s international standards. Our task was to prove to customers that we truly were offering the highest quality and were responsible for meeting their needs,” he said.

“Toyota is one of the oldest officially represented automotive brands on the Georgian market. We have been witnessing with much satisfaction and appreciation how the popularity of the brand has kept increasing along with the development of the Georgian economy. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that all our existing and new customers receive the best product, service and overall ownership experience of Toyota vehicles,” Tsakadze concluded.