Dressup Group Shines with New Logo, New Brand Name and New Stores

Dressup Group Shines with New Logo, New Brand Name and New Stores

The FINANCIAL -- Dressup Group is enjoying a new brand name, new logo, new concept store and new internet store, developing a distinctive identity in the minds of consumers and competitors.

The Group, previously known as Jeans Gallery Group, successfully completed the rebranding process in 2015 and met 2016 with a new lease of life, new goals and ambitions.

Last Year Dressup Group opened seven more new stores in the capital Tbilisi, including new concept store ATRIO, which offers shoes and accessories for premium segment customers.

In 2015 Dressup Group launched a new online store - www.dressup.ge - which offers internationally-recognised brands of clothing, shoes and accessories to Georgian customers. Over 3,000 products of more than 50 brands are now available to purchase online

The hard work and utmost success have not evaded attention, with around 200 local experts recognising Dressup Group as a Golden Brand-worthy. This was the second Golden Brand win for the company.

“Everything started back in 1994 when we were the only group in Georgia to open an original brand store - Levi’s. The store made a huge impact and Levi’s became a lifestyle for many,” Aleko Samkharadze, General Director of Dressup Group, told The FINANCIAL.

“Then we introduced Dockers, Lee, Wrangler and Rifle. At the same time we were working on developing a shoes line. As of today, our group includes two multi-brand concept stores of shoes and accessories - Factory and ATRIO - with six branches and over 50 brands. Following the development and growth of the company the necessity of rebranding became evident. Well known local branding agency LIVE Branding helped us to successfully complete the rebranding process,” Samkharadze added.

Today Dressup Group offers original and multi brand stores of Levi’s, Lee, Wrangler, Mavi, Jeans Gallery, Factory, ATRIO and online store www.dressup.ge.

Samkharadze assures that despite changing the Group’s name and logo, the main value of the company has not changed.

“We continue to offer the original products of international and legendary brands to Georgian customers to let them develop their own, individual everyday style,” Samkharadze said.

Q. Dressup Group has been operating on the Georgian market for 22 years. What was the main challenge for the Group during this time?

A. Our group went through the ‘90s, a time when doing business was related to big risks. During this time we faced different difficulties such as unstable economic or social situations, and no technologies on the market.

Dressup group was the first to open an original apparel brand store in Georgia. This was a big challenge for that time, because there was no experience of such kind on the market. Thanks to the right management and strong team we achieved the leading position on the market and kept it for 22 years. 

Q. During this time what was your contribution to developing the Georgian retail market?

A. I think we made very significant improvements to the Georgian retail market.

First of all we were the first company to give Georgian customers the opportunity to buy an original brand product in original environment and feel themselves a part of the western world. 

First appearance of the world brands on Georgian Market encouraged others to follow. 

Our successes have led to increased competition and market development.

Q. How do you manage to bring new world leading brands to Georgia?

A. Considering our Group’s distinguished, rich brand portfolio and huge experience, cooperation with new brands becomes easy for us. In many cases the initiation and offer comes from the brands themselves. 

Currently Dressup  Group exclusively represents: Levis, Dockers, Lee, Wrangler, Rifle,  Mavi, Vans. Besides, we also have official partnerships with over 50 other brands , among them: Bensimon, Toms, Lacoste, Softinos, Gaimo, Alessandro Dell Acqua, Calvin Klein, Lloyd, Doucal’s, Fabi, AS.98, Ixos, Ash, AGL, Moreschi, Henderson Baracco, etc…

Q. What can you say about the purchase power of Georgian Population?

A. the purchase power of population in Georgia is directly linked to the processes inside and outside the country. It is obvious that the economic and political situation in the world and in the country, the currency rate changes and price increase has a negative effect on it .

We understand customer needs and take into account the current developments on the market. As a result we manage to offer exactly the same original product of Levis, Lee, Wrangler and other brands at the similar or lower price compared to the Western European countries. Thus make it affordable for Georgian consumer.

Q. What are the advantages of the online store www.dressup.ge? What do you offer your customers via this store?

A. The big idea, of creating online store www.dressup.ge – was to make shopping available for every part of Georgia.

At the same time, online store is helpful for those customers who live in Tbilisi but cannot go shopping due to a lack of time. It offers all the brands and products presented in our stores.

We have a very comfortable service for online shoppers. The delivery service is available to every part of Georgia. We give customers the chance to return and exchange items bought. We also offer fast delivery service. For example, if you buy an item from foreign online store it will take up to two weeks to get the item, while in our case delivery time is one-three days (depending on the region), and the same day delivery is possible in Tbilisi.

Q. Why did you decide to create the new concept store ATRIO and what makes it unique?

A. By introducing ATRIO we have created a space, with especially comfortable environment for shopping. Here you can buy medium plus and premium class shoes and accessories for woman and man.  One can find classic as well as casual style shoes and accessories in ATRIO. We constantly renew our collections and the majority is produced in Italy. However, it should be noticed that the prices in ATRIO are similar or lower than in Europe.

We wanted to create a premium class shopping environment in the store that would meet customers’ comfort needs. For instance, we added to the design of the store special dressing room for customers, which is rear for shoes and accessories stores. I am sure you agree, that one thing is a good pair of shoes, and another how does it fit to certain outfit, would it be suit, or cocktail dress. 

We are proud that concept of ATRIO is created by a group of Georgian professionals. 

The store’s design is made by studio Rooms, Design Kantora has worked on the branding and the advertising images were done by photographer Gregory Regini.