Elit Electronics Plans to Expand in the South Caucasus over Next 3 Years

Elit Electronics Plans to Expand in the South Caucasus over Next 3 Years

The FINANCIAL -- Elit Electronics is continuing its mission to provide advanced technologies and electrical appliances to each family in Georgia with a wide range of technologies produced by world leading brands. Through innovative, reliable products and services, talented employees, a responsible approach to business, and collaboration with world leading brands, Elit Electronics is further expanding on the Georgian market.

Elit Electronics will arrive in Georgia’s Black Sea resort town Batumi where the opening of a large-scale store is planned. New stores will open in Georgia’s western city Ozurgeti and in the capital Tbilisi as well.

“This is what we plan for the current year. We do not exclude the possibility of developing in other directions as well. Currently we are represented in the retail direction and we might add new directions to our activities in the future. We are also thinking about expanding our network in the South Caucasus. These are the projects of the next three years’ strategy,” Lado Jobava, General Director of Elit Electronics, told The FINANCIAL.

Thanks to the utmost success the company achieved throughout 2015, Elit Electronics received a Golden Brand Award, and became the favourite brand of many.

Last year Elit Electronics signed deals with two multinational conglomerate companies, Samsung and Hitachi, and opened the biggest store of home appliances in Tbilisi. The company improved its service and added a new branch to its retail network.

Besides Samsung and Hitachi, Elit Electronics is an authorised partner of Apple, exclusive and sole representative of Bosch, Siemens and Gorenje, and official retail partner of LG in Georgia.

Elit Electronics increased its market share by eight percent in 2015.

“One of the most important achievements was that the company increased its market share in the segments of laptops and mobile phones. In these two categories our position was very weak but as a result of our effort we experienced positive results in this direction as well.

However, the year 2015 was not without its challenges. Like many other companies in Georgia Elit Electronics also faced the currency crisis last year. The depreciation of the national currency, the Lari, against the US dollar and Euro caused troubles for many. Despite the fact that Elit Electronics’ business is completely dependent on import, the company still managed to maintain the prices of its products at an affordable level.

“Overall I can say that despite big challenges, we managed to end the year 2015 quite successfully. We became the exclusive distributors of Samsung and Hitachi. It is its cooperation with world leading brands that guarantees the success of Elit Electronics,” Jobava said.

Elit Electronics has been operating on the Georgian market for 20 years. The company trades in cutting-edge and top-quality products and creates maximum comfort for clients as they buy high-quality products. The company also provides top-class consultations and always introduces innovative projects to the market.

Today Elit Electronics manages the largest trade network of home appliances on the Georgian market. Best products, a wide and constantly-updated assortment, warranties and after-sale services, delivery of purchased products and top-quality service - all of these aspects strengthen the name and place of Elit Electronics in the Georgian consumer market.

“The main advantage of Elit Electronics is that we have multi-brand stores, which means that customers can buy any technology available on the Georgian market. This creates very favourable conditions for our company and gives us a competitive advantage over others. At the same time we are proud to be the exclusive representatives in Georgia of Siemens, Bosch and Gorenje,” Jobava said.

Jobava believes the right management to be a key factor in Elit Electronics’ success.

“My principle is to be fair with my employees, because it is exactly this group that creates the company and leads to its success. Also, our suppliers and partners play a vital role in Elit Electronics’ success. Together with the suppliers and partners, our team creates comfort and offers for customers. This is what attracts thousands of customers to Elit Electronics’ stores,” Jobava said.

Elit Electronics started offering ‘Elite Service’ to better serve its customers. Elite Service was created to provide technical assistance to customers. As of today there are seven branches in Georgia providing Elite Service, while company officials plan to increase the number up to 10 branches in 2017-2018. Elite Service will be available in the regions as well. One service centre has already opened in Zugdidi, and another will soon be opened in Batumi.

Thinking about offering the best service in Georgia, the team of Elit Electronics decided to open the biggest store in the South Caucasus. Located on Kavtaradze Street in Tbilisi, the store is unique in terms of its scale and concept.

The Elit Electronics store provides maximum comfort for its clients. Guests are able to enjoy a children’s entertainment space and leave children there while they browse and shop for their chosen products. The store also offers ‘Elite Café’ services with delicious coffee; so customers can take a break while they make up their minds.

Meanwhile, Elit Electronics invested USD 2 million in opening another store - in East Point shopping mall in Tbilisi. Different devices; a unique concept; exclusive equipment; and highest-level standards of the world’s leading brands - Elit Electronics has assembled all these opportunities in one space and opened another of its stores in East Point.

The store offers showrooms of the world’s leading brands such as Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony, Bosch, Siemens, Gorenje, Philips, Acer and Lenovo. Moreover, customers are able to buy top class exclusive kitchen products by the companies Bosch and Siemens.

Elit Electronics plans to continue deepening ties with its customers and offering the very best for them.