Healthy Water to Open EUR 30 million Plant in June with New Production

Healthy Water to Open EUR 30 million Plant in June with New Production

Healthy Water to Open EUR 30 million Plant in June with New Production

The FINANCIAL -- JSC Healthy Water (Tskali Margebeli), the producer of mineral waters Nabeghlavi and Bakhmaro in Georgia, is opening a new plant worth EUR 30 million in June 2017, with the products manufactured by the new plant due to appear on the market during the summer.

Spread over 16,000 sq.m, the new plant will be located in Georgia’s Guria region, in the village Nabeghlavi on the old plant’s territory.

At this stage, modern equipment is in the process of being installed at the plant and soft drinks are being bottled in a test regime. Besides traditional products, natural juices and nectars by the Austrian brand Rauch will also be getting bottled.

“We have completely modernised the old plant and added new technologies and new directions to the plant. We can say that a modern and universal plant will be created in Georgia, distinguished by its advanced technologies,” said Avtandil Svimonishvili, General Director of Healthy Water.

“The plant is currently able to produce not only the famous brands of JSC Healthy Water (Nabeghlavi and Bakhmaro), but also 100 percent natural juices, iced tea, lemonades and other non-alcoholic beverages,” he added.

“Products will be mainly exported to foreign markets, predominantly to the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries, however, we are also considering eastern markets, including China, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates and so on,” Svimonishvili said.

In addition, it will be the first Greenfield project in the region, meaning that it will use alternative energy for heating, cooling and ventilating.

Meanwhile, JSC Healthy Water is planning to maintain stable growth throughout 2017 and cement its position on the local as well as its 28 export markets. The company’s management aims to cement the popularity of the Georgian spring water Nabeghlavi everywhere that it is currently available.

Q. In February this year the company sent the first container of Nabeghlavi mineral water to Japan. How many bottles of Nabeghlavi did you export and how has the new product been accepted by the Japanese market?

A. We have sent a test consignment of Nabeghlavi to Japan. We hope that after a certain amount of time Nabeghlavi will grow to be loved by Japanese consumers.

As of today Nabeghlavi mineral water is available in 28 countries: in Armenia; Azerbaijan; Belarus; Cambodia; Canada; China; Cyprus; Estonia; Germany; Greece; Iran; Iraq; Israel; Italy; Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzstan; Latvia; Lithuania; Moldova; Poland; Russia; Tajikistan; Turkey; Turkmenistan; the United States (US); Ukraine; the United Arab Emirates (UAE); and Uzbekistan.

Our product is most highly demanded in CIS countries. Export is also developing successfully in the US, Turkey and the Baltic States. Accordingly, we will try to strengthen our positions in Asian countries.

While some Georgian exporters remain dependent on CIS countries, Nabeghlavi remains devoted to its long-term strategy - market diversification. We will continue to conquer new markets. We believe that the unique features and distinctive quality of Nabeghlavi will guarantee its further successful development in different countries.

Q. What will be the biggest challenge for the company this year?

A. While referring to the challenges I would like to mention that positive trends are already visible for the first quarter of the year in Georgia and in the export markets of our company.

As for the challenges, this year our new products will be a challenge for us - how to position them on the market or how to export them.

We are also striving to increase the assortment of export-oriented products and maintain the high quality.

Q. How actively is the company involved in PR and marketing activities?

A. We support a healthy lifestyle and always try to encourage the young generation, our future. We launch different activities whether it be in education or sports activities.

Furthermore, we often cooperate with students and help them organise different events.

Q. Healthy Water has once again won a Golden Brand award. In your opinion, which activities of yours led to such recognition?

A. I think we are winning Golden Brand because we are a customer-oriented company. We are loyal towards our customers and try to take their interests and requests into account.

Our brand is distinguished by its stability and high quality, unique taste and positive attitude.